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Working papers

"Understanding the Effects of Legalizing Undocumented Immigrants", (joint with Joan Monras and Ferran Elias)

Latest draft, October 2019: link

CEPR Discussion Paper DP 12726, February 2018: link

Previous versions: CREAM Discussion Paper 8/17, October 2017: link IZA Discussion Paper No. 10687, April 2017: link

Media: NADA ES GRATIS link


CATO Institute link

"Employment effects of on-the-job human capital acquisition", (joint with Joaquin Naval and José I. Silva)

Latest draft, May 2019: link

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"Income Shifting and Tax Avoidance: Evidence from an Uruguayan Tax Reform", (joint with Dirk Foremny and Leonel Muinelo Gallo)

Latest draft, December 2018: link

Work in progress

"Are immigrants a threat or a boon for local labor markets?"