Eugen von Kahler

The painter Eugen von Kahler (1882-1911) was a cousin of my grandmother. A collection of his sketches and paintings (none bigger than a postcard) found its way into the back of a folio kept by my mother, where they have probably been since the 1950s. All of these were completed while he was living in North Africa around 1908, hoping to recover from tuberculosis.

The best of these works are below. Some have glue stains, or have wrinkled due to poor mounting. Still, it seemed a shame for them to permanently live in the dark of an archive box, so here they are.

Some further Kahler artwork is online at Ro Gallery, which also has a biography. Another history of Kahler, and of his work (much of it lost or destroyed), is at the Jewish museum in Prague.

Justin Zobel, January 2013