Engineer and Yamaha Digital Console            $ Contact Just Me

Engineer and Complete FoH                            
Contact Just Me
               (Console, Snake, & Cabs)  

Engineer and Complete FoH w/ Monitors        $ Contact Just Me
               (your in ear or my wedges)

Engineer and Complete Sound Production      Contact Just Me
               (FoH, Monitors, Mics, Stands, Cables) 

Light Tech and Full Light Show-44 lights          Contact Just Me
               (2 front Trees (8 "pars"), Rear Stage 10' Trussing with 16 "pars"; 16 beams; 2 derbies (34 lights); 2 moving head beams) 

Techs and Complete Sound & Lights               $ Contact Just Me

Roadie $ Contact Just Me (Roadie needed for shows with time constraints).

Additional items Available:

Fog/haze - Martin Gem Professional Hazer
Lights -
2 x Chauvet 4Bar Flex lights
2 x Chauvet 4bar TriLED (on stands)
2 x Chauvet 6Spot fixtures
12 x "par 56's" on a 'ladder-style' 15' truss (mounts to 2 tripod stands
2 x Chauvet Min-Spots
2 x moving head dual beam movers (small)

Song Recording of individual tracks (mixed in stereo from a paid live show)
Sound Recording individual tracks of complete show

NOTE - Your Venue must be able to provide 50amp; 220v power to stage for any show with compete lights!