LogicCrowd is a declarative crowdsourcing platform for mobile applications, which combines conventional logic-based machine computation and the power of the crowd from social networking, via centralized or M-P2P networks. It has been developed as an extension of Prolog. Currently, we have built an initial prototype implementation of LogicCrowd by designing and executing it on the Android platform. The prototype integrates tuProlog with Android via our own custom-built Java program called a Mediator.

  • Asking crowd via Facebook and Bluetooth.
  • Let friends forwarding the question via Bluetooth. 
  • The types of questions can be multiple choices and message.
LogicCrowd app is available : [here].

AskCrowd Parking:

In the big cities or busy areas such as hospitals, even in the university, searching for vacant parking spots is needed. With an increasing number of using smart phones or mobile devices that enrich with sensing abilities, we develop and deploy the power of crowd in mobile environment in an attempt to solve the parking problem. The "AskCrowd Parking" app employs information and communication technologies to collect and distribute the real-time data about parking availability and thus it may guide drivers to find parking spots quicker.
  • Find parking spots by asking crowd.
  • Connect via Bluetooth.
  • Forward question to others.
AskCrowd Parking app is available : [here].