Junkyard Jazz
Traditional Jazz Since 1981!
No Cover Charge
Every Thursday 6:45 - 8:15 PM
Musicians Welcome
American Legion
3408 W 6th Street
Lawrence, Kansas

Doors Open 5:00 PM
Buffet Dinner Available
(call 842-3415 by Wednesday to reserve)

In recognition of 29 years of service to
Lawrence St. Patrick's Day Parade

1988 - 2016

John Weatherwax, founder 1981-2008
Clyde Bysom, Sax  1981-2015
John Carlos, Tuba, 1981-2016
Larry White, Trombone (from Osawatomie)
Sherman Yacher, Banjo
Bruce Roberts, Drums, 1987-2016
Don Nelson, Trumpet (from Mission)
Jeff Young, Trombone (from Osawatomie)
Ed Judd, Tuba (moved to Oklahoma)

Carl Snyder, Clarinet (passed)
Bus Holmquist, Trumpet (passed)
Larry Alderson, Sax (passed)
John Heitmeyer, Clarinet (moved to Louisville KY)

Mark Hulse, Trombone
Ted Holdahl, Tuba
John Roper, Sax

David Ludwick, Banjo
William Harvill, Sax
​John Towner, Sax​
Mary Ann Stewart, Trumpet