The Ju Lab

Nano Optics and Transport in Quantum Materials

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Welcome to Long Ju's group in the physics department at MIT! Our research focuses on understanding light-matter interactions and electron correlation effects in novel quantum materials. Of particular interest are atomically thin materials and van der Waals hetero-structures of them. These materials host a variety of fascinating electronic and optical properties individually, and they offer exciting opportunities to explore possibilities enabled by controlling the stacking order and electrically tuning the band structure and charge doping. Especially, such materials provide a new platform to design and engineer more exotic quantum phenomena when electron correlations and topology are included. We design problem-driven experiments by combining nano-fabrication, advanced optical spectroscopy and microscopy, and DC transport techniques. See Research for more details.

Lab News:

Jun. 2024:  Our paper on The fractional quantum anomalous Hall effect is published in Nature Reviews Materials. (manuscript)

May. 2024:  Our paper on Large quantum anomalous Hall effect in spin-orbit proximitized rhombohedral graphene is published in Science. Congrats to Tonghang, Zhengguang, Yuxuan, Jixiang, and Junseok! (manuscript, MRL News, MIT news)

Mar. 2024: Welcome Wenhao Zheng, our new postdoc researcher from the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research!

Feb. 2024:  Our paper on Fractional quantum anomalous Hall effect in multilayer graphene is published in Nature. Congrats to Zhengguang, Tonghang, Yuxuan, Jixiang and Junseok! (manuscript, Nature News, CMP Journal Club, CMP Journal Club 2, MIT news, Nature research briefing, Quanta Magazine, Nature Reviews Physics)

Oct. 2023:  Our paper on Orbital multiferroicity in pentalayer rhombohedral graphene, collaborated with Hongkun Park group at Harvard, is published in Nature. Congrats to Tonghang, Zhengguang, and Tianyi! (manuscript, MIT news

Oct. 2023:  Our paper on Correlated Insulator and Chern Insulators in Pentalayer Rhombohedral Stacked Graphene, collaborated with Hongkun Park group at Harvard, is published in Nature Nanotechnology. Congrats to Tonghang, Zhengguang, and Tianyi! (manuscript, MIT news, Nature News and Views, cover story)

July. 2023: Welcome our two new undergrad visiting students, Shenyong Ye from Peking University and Lihan Shi from University of Science and Techonology of China!

Aug. 2022: Welcome Dasol Kim, our new graduate student from Seoul National University!

July. 2022: Jixiang has been selected for the 2022-2023 Mathworks Science Fellowship! Congratulations!

July. 2022: Welcome Yuxuan Yao, our new undergrad visiting student from Tsinghua University!

Apr. 2022: Welcome Varun Kamboj, our new postdoc from University of Cambridge!

Mar. 2022: Our paper on spectroscopic studies of rhombohedral trilayer graphene / hexagonal boron nitride moiré superlattice (ABC-TLG/hBN), collaborated with Feng Wang group at UC Berkeley, is published in Science. Congrats to Jixiang and Tianyi! (manuscript, MIT news

Feb. 2022: Prof. Long Ju has been awarded the 2022 Sloan Research Fellowship! Congratulations!

Jan. 2022: Welcome Christopher L Tong, our new undergrad student from MIT!

Jan. 2022: Our paper, Weyl Fermion magneto-electrodynamics and ultralow field quantum limit in TaAs, collaborated with Brad Ramshaw group at Cornell University, is published in Science Advances. Congrats to Zhengguang! (manuscript

Sep. 2021: Welcome Fangzhou Xia, our new postdoc from MIT!

Aug. 2021: Welcome Junseok Seo, our new graduate student from Seoul National University!

Apr. 2021: Our paper, Accurate measurement of the gap of graphene/hBN moiré superlattice through photocurrent spectroscopy, is published in Physics Review Letters. Congrats to Tianyi and Jixiang! (manuscript

Nov. 2020: Welcome Zhengguang Lu, our new postdoc from Florida State University!

Aug. 2020: Welcome Tonghang Han, our new graduate student from Tsinghua University!

Jan. 2020: Welcome Jixiang Yang, our new graduate student from Peking University!

Mar. 2019: Welcome Tianyi Han, our new postdoc from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology!