Publication list

Most of the publications can be dowloaded through the HAL project.

Invited reviews:

A. Huerre, V. Miralles, and M.-C. Jullien, Bubbles and foams in microfluidics, Soft Matter 10, 6888-6902 (2014). printed version

V. Miralles, A. Huerre, F. Malloggi and M.-C. Jullien, A review of heating and temperature control in microfluidic systems, Diagnostics 3, 33-67 (2013) printed version

Phase separation of a binary mixture:

M. Pascual, A. Poquet, A. Vilquin and M.-C. Jullien, Phase separation of an ionic liquid mixture assisted by a temperature gradient, Phys. Rev. Fluids 6, 024001 (2021). printed version

M. Pascual, A. Amon, and M.-C. Jullien, Thermocapillary instability of an ionic liquid-water mixture in a temperature gradient, Physical Review Fluids 6, 114203 (2021).

Mass-transport in microfluidics:

D. Mottin, F. Razan, C. Noguès and M.-C. Jullien, Out-of-Equilibrium Measurements of Kinetic Constants on a Biosensor, Anal. Chem. 93 (19), 7266-7274. printed version

D. Mottin, F. Razan, F. Kanoufi, and M.-C. Jullien, Influence of lift forces on particle capture on a functionalized surface, Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 25 (11), 1-10 (2021).

O. Mesdjian, N. Ruyssen, M.-C. Jullien, R. Allena, and J. Fattaccioli, Enhancing the capture efficiency and homogeneity of single-layer flow-through trapping microfluidic devices using oblique hydrodynamic streams, Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 25 (11), 1-10 (2021).

Droplet dynamics in micro-Hele Shaw cell:

Predicting droplet velocity: B. Reichert, I. Cantat, and M.-C. Jullien, Predicting droplet velocity in a Hele-Shaw cell, Phys. Rev. Fluids 4, 113602 (2019). printed version

3D topography of the lubrication film: B. Reichert, A. Huerre, O. Theodoly, M.-P. Valignat, I. Cantat, and M.-C. Jullien, Topography of the lubrication .film under a pancake droplet travelling in a Hele-Shaw cell, J. Fluid Mech. 850, 708-732 (2018). printed version

Disjoining pressure isotherms: A. Huerre, M.-P. Valignat, A. C. Maggs, O. Theodoly, and M.-C. Jullien, Laplace pressure based disjoining pressure isotherm in non symmetric conditions, Appl. Phys. Lett. 111, 221601 (2017). printed version

RICM technic: A. Huerre, M.-C. Jullien, O. Theodoly, and M.-P. Valignat, Absolute 3D reconstruction of thin films topography in microfluidic channels by interference reflection microscopy, Lab Chip 16, 911 (2016). printed version

Disjoining pressure regime: A. Huerre, O. Theodoly, A. Leshanky, M.-P. Valignat, I. Cantat, and M.-C. Jullien, Droplets in Microchannels: Dynamical Properties ofthe Lubrication Film, Phys. Rev. Lett.,115, 064501 (2015). printed version

Droplet relaxation:

Droplet relaxation in a microchannel: M. Kerdraon, J. D. McGraw, B. Dollet, and M.-C. Jullien, Self-similar relaxation of confined microfluidic droplets, Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 024501 (2019). printed version

2D microfoams (acoustics, surface rheology, controled drainage):

Acoustics: L. Champougny, J. Pierre, A. Devulder, V. Leroy, and M.-C. Jullien, Ultrasound transmission through monodisperse 2D microfoam, Euro. Phys. J. E. 42:6 (2019) printed version

Surface rheology: V. Miralles, E. Rio, I. Cantat and M.-C. Jullien, Investigating the role of a poorly soluble surfactant in a thermally driven 2D microfoam, Soft Matter 12, 7056-7062 (2016) printed version

Drainage control using thermocapillary pumping: V. Miralles, B. Selva, I. Cantat, and M.-C. Jullien, Foam drainage control using thermocapillary stress in a two-dimensionnal Microchamber, Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 238302 (2014). printed version

Coarsening (no film between adjacent bubbles): J. Marchalot, J. Lambert, I. Cantat, P. Tabeling and M. C. Jullien, 2D foam coarsening in a microfluidic system, Euro. Phys. Lett. 83, 64006 (2008). printed version

Thermopatterning in microfluidics:

Using local heating resistors to tune hydrophobic patterns: M. Pascual, M. Kerdraon, Q. Rezard, M.-C. Jullien and L. Champougny, Wettability patterning in microfluidic devices using thermally-enhanced hydrophobic recovery of PDMS, Soft Matter 15, 9253 - 9260 (2019). printed version

Thermomechanical actuation:

Versatility of the thermomechanical effect: V. Miralles, A. Huerre, H. Willimas, B. Fournié and M.-C. Jullien, A versatile technology for droplet-based microfluidics: thermomechanical actuation, Lab Chip 15, 2133 (2015).

Demonstration of the thermomechanical effect: B. Selva, I. Cantat, and M.-C. Jullien, Temperature-induced migration of a bubble in a soft microcavity Phys. Fluids 23, 052002 (2011).

B. Selva, V. Miralles, I. Cantat and M.-C. Jullien, Thermocapillary actuation by optimized resistor pattern: bubbles and droplets displacing, switching and trapping, Lab-on-a-Chip 10, 1835-1840 (2010)

Droplet breakup:

Breakup of slender drops: S. Afkhami, A. Leshansky, M.-C. Jullien and P. Tabeling, Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 264502 (2012)

Phase diagram of droplet breakup at T-junction (Rayleigh-Plateau instability does not hold): M. C. Jullien, M. J. Tsang Mui Ching, C. Cohen, L. Menetrier and P. Tabeling, Droplet break-up in microfluidic T-junctions at Small capillary numbers, Phys. Fluids 21, 072001 (2009).

Shape-optimized heating resistors:

Uniform temperature profile: B. Selva, P. Mary and M. C. Jullien, Integration of a uniform and rapid heating source into microfluidic systems, Microfluid Nanofluid, 8, 755-765 (2010)

Constant temperature gradient: B. Selva, J. Marchalot and M. C. Jullien, Optimized resistor pattern for temperature gradient control in microfluidic, J. Micromech. Microeng. 19, 065002 (2009).

Transdermal injection:

Intradermal drug delivery: L. Daugimont, N. Baron, G. Vandermeulen, N. Pavselj, D. Miklavcic, M.-C. Jullien, G. Cabodevila, L. M. Mir and V. Préat, Hollow Microneedle Arrays for Intradermal Drug Delivery and DNA Electroporation, Journal of Membrane Biology, 236, 117-125 (2010)

Homogeneous injection technic: A. Hoël, N. Baron, G. Cabodevilla and M. C. Jullien, Microfluidic distribution system for an array of hollow microneedles, J. Micromech. Microeng. 18, 065019 (2008).

Chaotic mixing in microfluidics:

E. Destandau, J. P. Lefevre, A. Chouai Fakhr Eddine, S. Desportes, M. C. Jullien, R. Hierle, I. Leray, B. Valeur, J. A. Delaire, A novel microfluidic flow-injection analysis device with fluorescence detection for cation sensing. Application to potassium, Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 387(8), 2627-2632 (2007).

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Liquid columns:

Counillon, L. Daudet, T. Podgorski, M. C. Jullien, S. Akamatsu and L. Limat, Global drift of a circular array of liquid columns, Europhys. Lett 40 (1), 37-42 (1997).