Most couples experience difficulties in their relationship.  This may be triggered by an event that one or both of you are going through.  Life stages can be challenging e.g. the arrival of a baby, a change in employment circumstances, or dealing with the trauma of an affair.  It can sometimes feel hard to talk about what is happening and to let each other know how you are each feeling.  There may be different expectations of each other, often unspoken and each or both may be questioning the relationship.  

Counselling can give you a chance to work out what is happening. My role is to offer you a non-judgemental, confidential space where we can work together to help you find a way forward.  It is a chance for you to learn the ‘tools’ to understand and manage your relationship and to be able to communicate more effectively.

Please also bear in mind that if one partner is reluctant to attend, it can still help for the one who is able to, to come along.