Counselling and support for adults, couples and parents

It is sad that at a time when there is so much anxiety in the world, we often feel awkward about asking for help or support.

Whether you are trying to manage a current difficulty, or wanting to invest in your own emotional wellbeing, taking the first step can often feel quite daunting. You may only be looking for support and need one or two sessions to manage a particular issue, or you may be looking for longer term therapeutic work.

As a qualified counsellor, I have been helping people for over 15 years, to find a way forward when life has been tough.

My interest is not just in the relationships we have with a partner, parent or child, but also in you as an individual. Are you struggling with anxiety, confidence or self esteem? The relationship you have with yourself is just as important as the relationships you have with others. Investing in our own emotional wellbeing can be one of the most rewarding things we can choose to do.

The pandemic has prompted many of us to change our working habits. Over the last year I have converted my practice to working online and have found this to be a helpful way of working as well as offering more flexibility for my clients.

If you have found your way to my website, please do not hesitate to contact me.

My mobile no. is 07749124282 or email