Julien Mozziconacci, PhD

Professor in Physics & Biology

ML4Omics: Machine learning for Omics technologies

Theoretical Physics of Condensed matter Lab

Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris

email: mozziconacci_at_lptmc.jussieu.fr

telephone: +33 1 44 27 45 40

twitter account: Chromozz

New address !

Laboratoire Structure et Instabilité des Génomes

UMR 7196

Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle


Statistical inference and biological networks Group

September 2017 Vincent Matthys (M2 student), Pierre Merckaert (M2 student), Julien Mozziconacci (PI), Leopold Carron (PhD), Melody Merle (PhD), Jean-Baptiste Morlot (PhD)


Former PhD students

2005-2008 Hua Wong (with Jean-Marc Victor)

2012-2015 Julien Riposo (withCarlo Bianca)

2014-2017 Jean Baptiste Morlot

2016-XXX Leopold Carron

2016-XXX Melody Merle (with Laura Messio)

Former Master students

2011 Julien Riposo

2011 Emmanuel Harleaux

2012 Florent Bories

2014 Paul Roger

2014 Valentine Arlot (with Jean-Baptiste Boulé)

2017 Melody Merle

2017 Hakim Harzoun

Former Graduate students

2014 Leopold Carron

2017 Pierre Merckaert

2017 Vincent Matthys