Julien Mozziconacci, PhD

Professor in Physics & Biology

ML4Omics: Machine learning for Omics technologies

Theoretical Physics of Condensed matter Lab

Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris

email: mozziconacci_at_lptmc.jussieu.fr

telephone: +33 1 44 27 45 40

Statistical inference and biological networks Group

September 2017 Vincent Matthys (M2 student), Pierre Merckaert (M2 student), Julien Mozziconacci (PI), Leopold Carron (PhD), Melody Merle (PhD), Jean-Baptiste Morlot (PhD)


Former PhD students

2005-2008 Hua Wong (with Jean-Marc Victor)

2012-2015 Julien Riposo (withCarlo Bianca)

2014-2017 Jean Baptiste Morlot

2016-XXX Leopold Carron

2016-XXX Melody Merle (with Laura Messio)

Former Master students

2011 Julien Riposo

2011 Emmanuel Harleaux

2012 Florent Bories

2014 Paul Roger

2014 Valentine Arlot (with Jean-Baptiste Boulé)

2017 Melody Merle

2017 Hakim Harzoun

Former Graduate students

2014 Leopold Carron

2017 Pierre Merckaert

2017 Vincent Matthys