My Research Interests

  • Urbanisation
  • Economic Geography
  • Infrastructure and transport systems
  • Development Economics

My Recent Work

  • Growing a developing city: A Computable Spatial General Equilibrium Model Applied to Dhaka (2018) with Anthony Venables 

  • The efficiency of land-use in a developing city: traditional vs modern tenure systems in Kampala, Uganda (2018) With Anthony Venables (University of Oxford) Submitted. 
  • Employment in a developing city:a spatial analysis of Kampala (2018) with Thomas Hierons and Anthony Venables (University of Oxford)

  • Emerging patterns of urban clusters: the growth of economic activity in Kampala (2018) with Thomas Hierons and Anthony Venables (University of Oxford)

  • The Anatomy of Kampala (2018) with Ferdinand Rauch (University of Oxford)

  • The size of developing cities: understanding urban growth (2018) with Paul Brandily (PSE)

  • Do African cities really sprawl? (2018) with Paul Brandily (PSE)

  • Life in a slum : understanding living conditions in Nairobi's slums across time and space (2017) with Piero Montebruno (University of Cambridge) and Tanner Regan (London School of Economics) Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Volume 33, Issue 3, 1 July 2017, Pages 496–520

My Recent Media Articles