PostDoctoral Research Fellow in Economics - University of Oxford

I am an economist at  Oxford University, where I am part of a programme of research on Urbanisation in Africa, led by Oxford Unversity and the London School of Economics, and funded by the World Bank. 

I am also a member of Somerville College, Oxford, where I am a Junior Research Fellow.

I completed my PhD at Toulouse School of Economics - TSE.

My research focuses on documenting the changing patterns of urbanisation seen over the last two decades, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, and understanding how policy, firms and people have interacted to create the urban areas we see today. My ongoing research includes: the development of a computable spatial general equilibrium model which can be applied to cities in a developing country context to analyse the impacts of urban regulations, policies, and infrastructure investments on urban development; a study on firm clustering patterns in Uganda; and work on understanding residential location choice in Nairobi.

I am also studying the role of transport on spatial development, with a focus on Brazil, in joint work with Stéphane Straub. Further work in progress includes: a theoretical model on the political determinants of investment in infrastructure projects, and how these are influenced by the choice to use Public-Private Partnerships, and research joint with Margaret Leighton on the role of intergovernmental transfers on local government taxes and spending in Brazil.