Project title: HCI for Skill Transfer using Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Mixed Reality


(1) Full-time positions (Research Scientist, Postdoctoral Fellow)

(2) Short-term positions (Visiting Researcher, Visiting Student, Intern)

Research Area:

Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Vision, Virtual/Augmented Reality,


(1) Full-time positions:

Ph.D. degree in Computer Science or related subjects. Advanced skills/knowledge in HCI, CV, VR/AR, or other related areas. In particular, we are looking for the candidates with the following experiences.

- Computer Vision and HCI

- Machine Learning and HCI

- Virtual/Augmented Reality and HCI

(2) Short-term positions:

Graduate students in computer science or related area.

Term of Contract:

(1) Full-time positions:

One year contract, renewable annually up to March 2023 based on performance evaluation.

(2) Short-term positions:

The term is flexible, usually 3 to 6 months. The longer, the better. We provide travel expense for the stay with extra compensation.


Salary will be offered based on regulation of Tokyo Institute of Technology.

How to apply:

Send the following material in PDF by email to (koike [at]

- resume (previous research/work experience and a publication list)

- a brief summary of past research (1 page)

- a research proposal (1 page)

- preffered starting and ending date

The research proposal is most important. Please describe what you want to do


Please send email to koike [at]