Juan Souto

The totally innocent kitten

This is the poor innocent kitten, a.k.a. Sanchito. He is just the most criminal looking one of the fours cats asking to be let in, let out, be fed, be ignored, be everything at the same time... if you got a cat, you understand.  Anyways, why is this picture here? Sanchito looks better than I do. 

But here you can see me in my professional attire.

I wrote a book with Viveka... that's the cover over there on the right... And when dealing with Springer I came to the conclusion that these highly efficient and professional people thougth that I should become a bit more professional... What gave me that impression? Go figure... Anyways, I decided that I should put here some more information about myself:

I have been, since 2013, a directeur de recherche of the CNRS, based at the Universite Rennes 1 and have been recently blessed  with the  purely honorific title of Honorary Professor at the University of BristolBefore arriving here, I was in Bonn (undergrad, PhD, Wissenschaftlicher Assistent, 1993-2004), Toulouse (Charge de recherche of the CNRS, 2004-2005), Chicago (Assistant professor, 2005-2007), Michigan (Assistant professor, 2007-2011) and Vancouver (Associate professor, 2011-2013).  

Anyways, here is my contact information.

What do I do? This used to read as follows: "I work mostly on 3-manifolds and Kleinian groups, but lately I have been obsessing about a strange collection of more or less random topics". The truth is that by now I am not anymore sure what is that I do. And, somehow, I do not really care. I guess that, marginally more seriously, I could try to claim that what I do is "geometric group theory", a branch of mathematics which is rather a flavour of mathematics than a branch... But well, reality is that I am just enormously fascinated, entertained and amused (and fed) by the different (and likely rather shallow) mathematical problems I work on. Anyways, as the saying goes, you can take the boy out of 3-manifolds but you can't take 3-manifolds out of the boy, and these things keep appearing in everything I do. Either as the actual object of study, or as a motivation, or as an example... you name it. And well, most of my papers belong to the geometric topology category of the arxiv... Anyways, here are some papers, preprints and other beings and here a list of coauthors. The latter is ordered alphabetically to show that I master that skill... I hope the order is correct because otherwise it will be a bit embarrassing... in any case, this probably only shows that I have way too much time on my hands... 

Something else I have been doing recently is to binge watch videos in my office... I guess that this is very fitting for the current time, as it also seems to have a link to researchseminars.org

Please read the inclusiveness statement 

Recently I started going sometimes (Thursday's 4:30-6:30)  to help kids with their homework in the Association Crabbe Rouge here in Rennes... I guess that it is a way to feel less like a parasite...