Welcome to the joint Eugene & Triton Yacht Club race committee web site.  This site is intended to be a comprehensive repository for all race information associated with racing sponsored jointly by the Eugene Yacht Club and Triton Yacht Club.  Content for this site is developed and distributed by the TYC- EYC Joint Race Committee. 

PLEASE NOTE: The EYC Committee boats are only to be operated by persons previously trained by an EYC staff member, and in possession of an Oregon Boaters Card. Use extreme caution when operating these boats in areas near shore. As with Sailboats, they draw significant at the prop. Follow the safe operating procedures you learned during your EYC Committee Boat training. Further, be cautious when operating these boats near sailboats, especially the smaller craft such as Lightnings, Thistles, Lasers, etc. as your job is to "Assist and Protect" not to "Swamp and Endanger"!

2019 Fernridge Map and Racing Chart Updated for accuracy: 4/13/2019

2019 Race Information updated: 3/18/2019

Rescue boat training (coming soon)
Race Committee training (coming soon)

Joint Race Committee Contact Info:
Eugene Yacht Club Race Chair
Ted Walkup    tedwalkup@gmail.com

Triton Yacht Club Race Chair
Bill Schafer    billsohana@gmail.com