Biography and Artist's Statement


Joy Sacalis received a degree in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design. She has worked as a landscape architect, a fabric designer, a magazine illustrator, and a freelance artist. Much of her work is influenced by her interests in world cultures and sacred practices, her love of Byzantine and Sanskrit chanting, and her travels to Ecuador and India.

Joy works from her studio at The Art Station in Hightstown, NJ.

Artist's Statement

My abstract paintings are fueled by my desire to explore inner and outer worlds—a fleeting thought, a dream fragment, a contemplative space, an emotion, a mystery, a question. All are grounds to spark the impulse into action to create.

There is no set formula to how I work, whether gestural, painterly, or a combination of techniques. The pieces often involve a layering of shapes, colors, and textures to achieve a desired patina and history. Much relies on intuition, especially as I begin. Working over time, I add, subtract, collage, and paint over in a kind of energetic ritual that brings the art to life for me. The process is both uplifting and transformative.