Nicole Deuster

Pforzheim, Alemania 1963

Lives and works in Barcelona.

Studied Jewellery at The Massana School in Barcelona with Ramon Puig. Degree 1984-1989. Graduated in Applied Arts – Specialising in Jewellery, The Llotja, 1989. Technical jewellery courses include Japanese lacquer, carving and sculpture modelling. Placement “Workshop Jewellery” with Gerd Schröder, Munich 1987. Since 2008 she is a member of the project “Joyas Sensacionales, which is coordinated by the artist Silvia Walz.

Her pieces have been exhibited in national and international galleries. She was a finalist in the International Competition of Contemporary Jewellery "Enjoia't 2000 and 2001", organized by the FAD in Barcelona. Her work has been published in the book "Rings 500 artistic creations from around the world" Nicolas Estrada, Promopress 2011.

Older works Nicole Deuster

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