ISSUE ELEVEN - 2013 ~ 2014

Against Internet Exceptionalism: Understanding OpenTable Through a Traditional Business History of Technology Approach
William Aspray - University of Texas at Austin, USA
James W. Cortada - University of Minnesota, USA
JMelissa G. Ocepek - University of Texas at Austin, USA
George Royer - University of Texas at Austin, USA

Small Firms Exporting to Asia: An Innovative Export ModelAnura Amarasena - Monash University and Swinburne University, Australia

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ISSUE TEN - 2012

Spatial information accessibility in South Australia from the Internet: a national comparison
Paul Andrew Corcoran - University of South Australia, Australia

Who tends to spread Negative Word of Mouth When a Social Network Game Failure Happens? Opinion Leader or Opinion 
Tainyi (Ted) Luor, Hsi-Peng Lu - National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Consumers and Spam E-mail for Health Topics
Joshua Fogel - Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Factors Affecting Seller's Reputation on Taiwan Auction Site: A Case Study for RuTen
Stephen M.S. Lee - National Sun Yat-sen University and National Kaohsiung Marine University, Taiwan


Web-Interactivity dimensions and Shopping Experiential Value
Soyoung Kim - University of Georgia, USA

Predicting the Diffusion Pattern of Internet-Based Communication Applications Using Bass Model Parameter Estimates for Email
David H. Wong - Curtin University, Australia
Kenneth B. Yap - University of Western Australia, Australia
Bradley Turner, Nexhmi Rexha - Curtin University, Australia

Do Online Reviews Affect an Online Intermediary's Reputation? A Transaction Cost Economics Perspective
Shih Yung Chou - University of the Incarnate Word, USA


Antecedents of Purchase in the Online Buying Process
Richard Croome, Meredith Lawley, and Bishnu Sharma  - University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia

Singles Seeking a Relationship and Spam E-mail for Romantic Relationships or Matchmaking
Joshua Fogel - Brooklyn College, USA
Sam Shlivko - New York Law School, USA

Deriving Customer Loyalty and Its Determinants from Online Reviews using Support Vector Machine
Thomas Sebastian - Curtin University of Technology, Australia

Mashup Patterns applied to e-Government
Michele Stecca, Massimo Maresca - University of Genova and University of Padova, Italy

Leveraging New Opportunities from the Use of Web Widgets in Online Web 2.0 Environments 
Michael Hynes - National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland


Identifying the Heavy Internet User Segment in Emerging Markets: The Evidence from Serbia and Ukraine
William L. James - Hofstra University, USA
Alex Sharland - University of South Alabama, USA
RGoran Petkovic - University of Belgrade, Serbia 
Gladys Torres-Baumgarten - Ramapo College of New Jersey, USA
Tetyana Spivakovska - National Technological University of Ukraine, Ukraine

Loyalty in Media Sharing Websites: The Case of Universal Music Group
Joshua Chang - Charles Sturt University, Australia
Clifford Lewis - University of Wollongong, Australia

Financial and Other Implications of Accepting Foreign and Domestic Internet Payments
Albert E. Avery - Towson University, USA

Conceptualising Brand Trust in E-Tertiary Education: A Tri-Nation study
Kim-Choy Chung - Al Akhawayn University, Morocco
Tan Shin Shin - Thames International College, UK

ISSUE SIX - 2009

To Trust or Not to Trust: The Consumer's Dilemma with E-banking
David H. Wong, Claire Loh - Curtin University of Technology, Australia
Kenneth B. Yap - University of Western Australia, Australia
Randall Bak - Curtin University of Technology, Australia

Visualization of Online Marketplaces using Hidden Web Services
Pushpa Kumar - University of Texas at Dallas, USA

How Buyers and Sellers Value B2B Relationships: A Relationship Value Continuum for Internet Based Exchange
Michael D. Clements - University of Wollongong, Australia

A Framework for E-Potential Assessment in Online Markets
Aysegul Toker and Kaan Varnali - Bogaziçi University, Turkey

Investigating the factors affecting the Market Acceptance of online tertiary Education in Singapore
Kim-Choy Chung - Al Akhawayn University, Morocco
David K. Holdsworth - University of Otago, New Zealand


How do E.U. Cities Utilise their Websites? A Content Analysis and Suggestions for Improvement
María Sicilia and Raquel Pérez - University of Murcia, Spain
Troy Heffernan - University of Plymouth, UK

Killing the Cheque
Margaret Jackson, Julian Ligertwood, Marita Shelly, and Jonathan O'Donnell - RMIT University, Australia

The Internet in the Performance of Small Exporting Firms -A Developed to Developing Country Market Context
Anura Amarasena - Monash University, Australia

Young Consumers Online Shopping: an Empirical Study
Syed Shah Alam, Zaharah Bakar, Hishamuddin Bin Ismail, and Mst. Nilufar Ahsan - University Technology MARA, Malaysia

Investigating into the Factors that Influence the Adoption of Internet Banking in Mauritius
Kesseven Padachi, Boopen Seetanah, and Sawkut Rojid - University of Technology Mauritius, University of Mauritius


Technology Application and Employee Participation: Comparative Contributions to B2B Technology Related Outcomes
Damien Power - University of Melbourne, Australia

Web Localization in International Online Banking
Daniel Singer, Babu Baradwaj, and Albert Avery - Towson University, USA

A Transfer Pricing Apparatus for Measuring Value Added along the Supply Chain: Reflections for Internet based Inter-Organisational Relationships
Michael D. J. Clements - University of Wollongong, Australia
Nigel J. Price - Grant Thornton, New Zealand

Online Procrastination: A Predictive Model
Nabil Mzoughi, Karim Garrouch, Olfa Bouhlel, and Anissa Negra - ISG
, University of Sousse, Tunisia

A Comparative Analysis of Internet Banking in Malaysia and Thailand
Mohamad Rizal Abdul Hamid, Hanudin Amin, Suddin Lada, and Noren Ahmad - University of Malaysia Sabah-Labuan


Economics of the Internet: A Comparison Between Asia-Pacific and OECD
Ramesh Mohan - Bryant University, USA

Financial Profiling of Profitable Internet Firms
Yolanda Fuertes-Callén and José Antonio Laínez-Gadea - University of Saragossa, Spain

Do all UK on-line banking customers want the same kind of service?
Helen Borland and Fotini Nteli - University of Birmingham, UK

Internet-Based Trading and Open Outcry Markets: The Changing Roles of Options Exchanges and Market Makers
John L. Teall - Pace University, New York, USA
Vassilios Gargalas - Lehman College, CUNY, Bronx, New York, USA
Tzyy Jeng Wu - Lehman College, CUNY, Bronx, New York, USA

Segmenting consumers by e-shopping behaviour and online purchase intention
Carla Ruiz Mafé and Carlos Lassala - University of Valencia, Spain

ISSUE TWO - 2005

The use of Internet-based Technologies in Australian Franchise Systems: A Preliminary Study
Sally Rao - University of Adelaide, Australia
Lorelle Frazer - Griffith University, Australia

The Evolution of Online Banking
Daniel Singer, Douglas Ross, and Albert Avery - Towson University, USA

Modelling Consumer Trust in Internet Shopping based on the Learning Hierarchy: A Structural Approach
Francisco J. Martínez-López and Francisco J. Montoro-Ríos - University of Granada, Spain

A Review of Salient Dimensions of Online Market Research: Is Online Research Better?
V. Aslihan Nasir - Bogazici University, Turkey

Brand Equity in an Online World
Steven Ward, William Chitty, and Brendan Achard - Murdoch University, Australia

Profiling the Adoption of Online Banking Systems in the European Union
Mario Martínez Guerrero, José Manuel Ortega Egea, and María Victoria Román González - University of Almería, Spain

ISSUE ONE - 2004

The Role of Consumer Innovativeness in the Adoption of Internet Shopping in SingaporeTak Kee Hui and David Wan - National University of Singapore

Emergence of New Legal and Regulatory Mechanisms for the Internet Workforce
Raj Gururajan 
- University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Interactive Case Study Experiences Applied to the Managed Learning Environment
Jim Gallagher
 - Napier University, UK

Profiling Early Adopters of a Virtual Currency: The E-Dinar Case
Mourad Touzani - Institut Supérieur de Gestion, Tunisia

The Impact of E-Commerce Industry Turmoil on A Strategic Perspective
Russell Casey - Clayton State University, USA
William Carroll - The University of Phoenix, USA

Barriers to Mobile Internet Banking Services Adoption: An Empirical Study in Klang Valley of Malaysia
Chavidi Naga Sivanand and Mulabagula Geeta - Multimedia University, Malaysia
Suleep - Center for Professional Education and Development, Malaysia

A Proposed Activity and Outcome Framework for Marketing in the New Economy
Steven Goodman - University of South Australia