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Karen Jones was born in the heart of NYC. It is in this energetic city that she started her musical studies by learning how to play the piano at the age of seven. Not too long after that, she discovered something else.....She knew she had the gift of singing by the age of eight.

Born to parents who respected and honored the arts, her talents were not left unattended. Her father, a professional musician with the Count Basie Big Band at the time, is in the jazz history books as one of the greatest jazz swing bassist of our time.

Mr. Eddie Jones Jr. received his bachelor's degree in music. Therefore it was he who believed that a classical music background was the foundation that his daughter required to nurture her gift.

She therefore grew up with classical vocal training for around 10 years. Her high school years were filled with singing and more singing! She was in the school choir, swing choir, madrigal choir, chamber choir, state choir, regional choir and city choir to name a few. All of which prepared her for the musical path that lay ahead for her as a professional singer.

After graduating in theatre arts from Boston University, Karen followed her dreams and left to live the beginnings of her adult life as a singer in Rome, Italy.

She began teaching voice while living in Rome, Italy over 20 years ago. To her surprise, several young aspiring singers asked if she taught lessons after hearing her perform. She took on the challenge of sharing with them what she had learned about vocal technique during her high school and university years. To that, she added her own personal experience as a professional singer.

Lo and behold, she found teaching to be fun and exciting!

Her schedule as a professional singer permitted her to teach on and off over the years when she wasn't on tour. During that time she had the fortune of learning different techniques that enhanced her vocal style. She, in turn, shared these with her students.

The results have been remarkable!

The major part of her technique, that incorporates body, mind and spirit, is called Access consciousness. These Access tools have been miraculous and even magical for herself and for her students. Anywhere that her students have been blocked or felt limited with their voices, these techniques have created an ease with which to overcome them.

Even as Karen continues her journey as a professional singer, she still makes time to teach and coach people who love to sing.

She knows how therapeutic the act of singing is and loves to share what she has learned. Even while touring in Asia, she teaches via the web to stay connected with her current students and anyone else who desires to grow through knowing their true voices.