Journal Publications:

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"The Fairer Sex? Women Leaders and Deceptive Behaviour" with Lata Gangadharan (Monash), Tarun Jain (ISB) and Pushkar Maitra (Monash) R&R Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organisation.

Working Papers:
Buly Cardak, Ananta Neelim, Kevin Wu and Vecci, J. (2017) "Would I Lie to you? Strategic Deception in the Face of Uncertain Penalities". Available here

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Work in Progress:   
"The Transmission of Behavioural Biases Across Generations”, with Tomas Zelinsky (Technical University of Košice)

"Stability of Preferences and Personality: New Evidence from Developing and Developed Countries", with Buly Cardak (La Trobe), Edwin Ip (Monash) and Nicolas Salamanca (Melbourne)
"Discrimination - Sources and Solutions" with Utteeyo Dasgupta (Wagner College) Subha Mani (Fordham University) and Tomas Zelinsky  (Technical University of Košice).

“Depression and Cognitive Load: Experimental Evidence from Pakistan” with Utteeyo Dasgupta (Wagner), Sonia Bhalotra (Essex), Farah Said (Lahore)

“Understanding and Preventing Domestic Violence in Brazil” with Sonia Bhalotra (Essex), Pietro Biroli (Zurich), Karlijn Morsink (Utrecht), Jose Carvalho (UFC).


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