Pigeonholed                                                             Supporting                                                       Robert Stuvland

Uploaded                                                                 Supporting                                                       Kamran Delan

A Different Direction                                                Supporting                                                       Colleen Ann Brah

Hollywood Tale                                                        Supporting                                                       Ethan Black

Just Rewards                                                             Lead                                                                Brian Martin

Special                                                                      Supporting                                                      Cime Bruce

Crackin’ The Code                                                     Supporting                                                      Steve Coker

Kevin                                                                         Lead                                                               Josh Brokenbourgh

VonCent the Invent                                                    Lead                                                               Karlyn Gibson

Golfing With Gorillas                                                  Lead                                                               Daniel Quintero

Two Girls and a Rocket Ship                                       Supporting                                                     Joshua Rivera

Web Series

The Dating Life                                                            Co-Star                                                           Tyler Poppe

The Bicyclist                                                                 Co-Star                                                           Carl Jameson

Teen Edition                                                                 Starring                                                           Jeremiah Stroup

- Commercials: Numerous, List Upon Request -

Improvisation                                                             Jason Murphy                                                    Actors Comedy Studio

Improvisation Technique                                            Larry Drake                                                       Stephen Book Studio

Auditioning Technique                                               Deb Barylski                                                      AIA Studios

Scene Study                                                                Pamela Shae                                                      AIA Studios

Improv 301                                                                 Julie Brister                                                        Upright Citizens Brigade

Improv 201                                                                 Brett Christensen                                               Upright Citizens Brigade

Improv 101                                                                 Susannah Becket                                                Upright Citizens Brigade

Auditioning Technique                                                 Courtney Burr                                                   Margie Haber Studio

On-Camera Commercial                                               Stuart Robinson                                                Robinson Creative

Meisner/Scene Work                                                     Jana Hamblin                                                    Act Now Studio

Special Skills

Improvisation, Stand-up Comedy, Voices, Stage Combat(hand to hand), Spanish(fluent w/neutral accent).


Local Hire in Portland