My name is Jose Lado and I am part of the group Theory of Nanostructures group at INL, lead by Joaquin Fernandez Rossier. My research focuses on theoretical condensed matter physics.

I study electronic and magnetic properties of graphene and related materials. To do so, I develop computational tools to address different types of problems mainly using tight binding models: electronic transport in the quantum regime, magnetic responses of materials and topological characterization of electronic systems. Most of the programs I develop are frequently uploaded and are freely available for download and use. I am familiar with density functional methods, whose results I use as input for my own codes, and to study complex oxides and atoms on surfaces.

Some particular problems that I am working/interested in are:

  • Magnetism and spin properties of graphene
  • Quantum criticality and entanglement
  • Topological electronic states
  • Single atoms on surfaces
  • Interplay between magnetism and superconductivity

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