General Mills Award for Exemplary Graduate Student Teaching, Cornell University School of Industrial Labor Relations, 2017

Louis Walinsky Fund in Economics in Honor of Professor Herbert Joseph Davenport Outstanding Teaching Award, Cornell University, 2014

Instructor Courses (link to full evaluations)

Cornell Prison Education Program: Instructor, Introduction to Microeconomics (Econ 2200): Fall 2017 (4.13/5)

Selected Comments:

  • "I will never forget Jorgen Harris, he took every reasonable effort to make sure I learned the material. Professor Harris is first class."
  • "Jorgen was great. He clearly knew his material, is very personable, does a great job explaining things."
  • "Jorgen is an engaging and very informative instructor."
  • "Jorgen Harris is pretty awesome, high energy & enthusiastic about the subject."

TA Courses

Cornell University: Teaching Assistant, Economics of Employment and Wages (Econ 2400) Spring 2017 (4.96/5) (link to full evaluations)

Selected Comments:

  • "Office hours were always very helpful in solving the problem sets. Jorgen is an exceptional TA who always responded in office hours and to emails with kindness, and very clear and understanding answers to questions. He will reply to emails with questions even on the weekends very quickly. Amazing TA and really helped me master and understand the material."
  • "Jorgen made analogies to real life examples. He's always been there for his students. He met with me even on his own time. He didn’t just give answers, critical thinking was valued highly in our discussions. Material was broken down very well."
  • "Jorgen was so enthusiastic and kind that I felt comfortable asking for help and never felt dumb for asking for help. He also explained concepts very clearly and was willing to re-explain many times."
  • "Even though a large group of students always come to Jorgen's office hours, he always makes sure that the entire audience has a holistic understanding of the course material."
  • "Jorgen was the most capable, helpful and kind TA I've had."

Cornell University: Teaching Assistant, Graduate Microeconomic Theory (Econ 6100): Fall 2014 (4.82/5) (link to full evaluations)

Selected Comments:

  • "Jorgen is an overall amazing TA-- he gave me advice that I think about at least a couple times a week. Knowing that someone sympathetic and really smart was grading my exams was really helpful for my high anxiety levels about first year. Jorgen is the kind of person I would go to to talk about any problem (econ or otherwise) and he'd have something really insightful to say. Great guy and great class."
  • "Jory is so patient when answering question. So good teacher himself."
  • "Explanation and ways of approaching the Q questions helped prepare me for the difficult questions in the exams."
  • "Jorgen was willing to go over many practice problems and address our questions in depth."

University of Chicago: Teaching Assistant, Economics of Urban Policy (Econ 26600): Spring 2010 (link to full evaluations)

Selected Comments:

  • "Jorgen was a really great TA. Friendly, approachable, always willing to meet with us outside of his office hours or willing to just talk if you run into him. Very enthusiastic about urban econ. He`s also really good at explaining things and helping us figure out how to do our term papers. He'd be a great teacher I think."
  • "Jorgen was absolutely AMAZING. seriously the best ta I've ever had. He responded to emails really quickly, and met with me outside of his normal office hours."
  • "Jorgen's great. You can always count on him to answer your e-mails or meet with you when you`re in trouble. He's also good at explaining things intuitively - that matters."