Jorgen Harris

Assistant Professor of Economics

Occidental College

Phone #: (805) 451-2653


Link to CV, Link to Job Market Paper

Welcome! I am a an Assistant Professor at Occidental College. My research focuses on the relationships between human capital, labor markets, and social norms, with a particular focus on the role of gender in the workplace. For my dissertation, I am using an instrumental variables approach to estimate the effect of gender composition of occupations on wages. My other work on gender includes a paper (joint with Eleonora Pataccini and Marco Battaglini) examining the effect of exposure to female law clerks on the hiring decisions of federal judges and a paper looking at the effects on teacher wages and gender composition of depression-era policies barring married women from teaching.

I am also interested in the role that labor markets, social norms, and parenting environment play in parenting decisions. My work on parenting includes research on the role of neighborhood and school safety on parental discipline, and on the effect of the EITC on parenting practices and child development.

I am a passionate and effective teacher, with experience as a Microeconomics instructor at Auburn Correctional Facility, and as a TA for undergraduate and graduate courses at Cornell University and the University of Chicago. More information on my teaching is available here.

Prior to graduate school, I worked at MDRC, where I studied the effect of an intervention teaching relationship skills to low-income married couples on adult and child well-being. I also worked at RCF Economic and Financial Consulting, where I analyzed a proposed congestion tax in the city of Chicago, developed projections for future economic growth and regional inequality in China, and estimated the effects of green energy policies on employment.

Feel free to contact me any time!