Jordi Forné received the M.S. degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) in 1992 and the Ph.D. degree in 1997. He is with the Information Security Workgroup within the Telematics Services Research Group at the Department of Telematics Engineering of the UPC. His research interests span a number of subfields within information security and privacy.
Currently, he is an Associate Professor at the Telecommunications Engineering School in Barcelona - ETSETB . From May 2007 to September 2012 he was coordinator of the Ph.D. programme on Telematics Engineering  and Director of the research Master in Telematics Engineering.
From 2014 he is in possession of the Advanced Research Accreditation (issued by AQU Catalunya) and the Full Professor Accreditation (issued by ANECA).