Jackie L. Onsurez - Statement of Qualification

Recent News Paper Articles - Carlsbad New Mexico

"I've made my way up the ladder, hands-on, from the field to the corporate office."

I am privileged to of represent the Owners team on one of the largest aluminum industrial complex projects in the world. This is the 2nd mega-project I have been a part of, the first was the Ma'aden Phosphate Company (MPC) project, both of which were in the middle east. I have lived and worked  in Iraq, Bosnia, USA, Mexico, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia.

Project Management Summary

Extensive project, program, budget, and scheduling experience gained while working in operations and construction projects in the USA and Middle East. I have developed responses to Request for Proposals and developed RFPs. My involvement, as Project Manager/General Contractor, has been the technical preparation of bid packages for submittal, as a General Contractor.  Projects involved pipe line, demolition, construction, and other construction activity. For projects awarded I served as the PM, ensuring supervision, contract management, and close-out. I developed manpower scheduling, task and equipment leveling, risk analysis, submitted RFI and developed QA processes for construction, earthworks, and  utilitiy installation. I know how to review schematics, shop drawings, blueprints, and have worked with survey teams on many of my projects, learning the business from the ground up. As PM I was responsible for the budgeting, bonding, contract, and sub-contractors, and interface with clients.

KSA Business & Program Experience
  • HCIS Security Clearence granted.
  • Managing and controlling business activity levels and business performance of departments to meet quality standards, internal and external customer expectations.
  • Participating in and contributing to the company’s vision and mission.
  • Development of risk management plan, including monthly review and reporting, and maintenance of risk register.
  • Communication and development of company policies, strategies, and operation plans.
  • Promoting and presenting company image and profile to clients and business partners both locally and amonst international shareholders.
  • Continuity of operations.
  • Managing employees, supervisors, and managers by planning, following up, determining targets and evaluating performances.
  • Counseling and providing recommendations to managers on subordinate development so as to improve the performance of their staff, including promotional evaluation of Supervisors, Managers, and Leads.
  • Producing overall running operations reports for Executive.
  • Represent voice on cross functional topics e.g. technical, regulatory & legal for interactions with the government agencies, as applied to middle
  •  east.
  • Engineering, procurement, and contractor oversight with respect to HCIS, RC, and other ministry compliance.
  • KSA block visa and Chamber of Commerce compliance.
  • Contract Management & Negotiation.
  • RFI review of systems and engineering projects.
  • KSA HCIS, PM, Royal Commission, and other regulatory compliance.
Health Safety & Environment
HSE Manager for a petro-chemical company in the USA. I developed HSE programs for chemical plants in the USA
  • Process Safety Management. I developed PSM programs for chemcial plants in the USA. All 14 elements were developed and managed by me.


  • HAZOPs, environmental permitting, and program development from green field to brown field, the cornerstone of my HSE foundation.
  • International expert in Emergency Management, Environmental, Health, and Safety. 
  • Extensive Incident Command and Fire Rescue experience, applied in the Middle East and USA. I attended Texas Tech and obtained my Incident Commander certificate, and instructed several Fire Fighting cources, and also attended the Acacedy for continued training in Emergency Response.
  • DOE Emergency Response division, mitigating national emergency response. 
  • Click here to see a reclamation article "WIPP giving back to nature." It provides a sample of reclamation and endangered species project done for the Department of Energy Waste Isolation Plant, USA
  • While in USA I earned my Emergency Medical Tech license, and I worked as a Ambulance driver, resonding to real-life emergencies.
Corporate Social Responsibility
I lead the team in forming our CSR function, and helped develop plans, ensuring compliance with International Monetary Fund requirements, of which included relocation of regional inhabitants and alignment with Ma'aden CSR.
  • "I am a American western expat living outside of a compound in Saudi Arabia, and so I have first hand experience with Middle East culture, helping me to integrate in order to succeed as a leader"

The picture above was taken during a benchmarking trip to India. Understanding the social impact to a community was important. During this trip myself and the Director reviewed the operations and their Corporate Social Responsibility programs, and were able to see how a facility impacts the local community. The Aluminium project in KSA puts all of the processing activities in one location, the industrial complex, and so it was important to see and understand the gravity of the project which will be bigger in KSA, and see first hand how a mega project impacts to the community and environment.
As a native New Mexican, I was one of the first in my community to earn a engineering degree and seek a professional career path. In my quest, I found I had to move from my home, gaining experience and to seek opportunity. In summary, I realize the importance of Community development, and so I am steward of social responsiblity in all that I do.

Aluminum Project in Saudi Arabia.

NBC Emergency Response in Iraq.

Notable Mention

  • Nominated to lead the HAZOP for Gold Mines;
  • Appointed by CEO to be member of Corporate Enterprise Risk Management Team, responsible for training, planning, matrix roll-up, executive and shareholder briefings.
  • Appointed member of the Stage Gate Team
  • Oral Project Presentation to the Department of Army, as a Project Manager, in anticipation of a Service Contract Award, as part of a Tropical Testing Contract
  • Embassy Construction - Bosnia.
  • White Paper presented to Aluminum International Safety Council "How PSM could be applied as a best practice for the aluminum industry" 

Quality Assurance

My quality program experience started as an ISO 9001 Auditor, where I was the certified ISO SME Registor for a chemical manufacturing division seeking ISO certification. For Ma'aden Corporate, I developed OHSAS 18001 framework. 

Electrical Engineering

I earned by BS in EE at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. EE specific projects and experiences have included Research and Development, Project Management, Electronic Component Manufacturing, Cable Assembly, Printed Circuity Board Design, Programing, Power System Scheduling, Communications, and Utility.

  • For Sandia National Laboratories I developed sensor technology and lead the R&D team (see publications listed below), and other classified projects, including the Project Management of ongoing design projects.
  • CAD design of PCB, etching, wire wrapping, prototyping of circuits.
  • Combinational logic circuit design.
  • For a NOWA project, I was responsible for the QA of the Commissioning Technical Package, including commissioning and closeout of all cables and wiring. Following beta testing in remote tropic and Arctic more systems were  manufactured  using the documentation. The systems monitored sensor arrays and sent the information via satcom. 
  • As part of a Construction project of a US Embassy, I audited as-built drawings and installation of utilities at the Embassy and other classified activities.
  • While working for potash mine, refinery, I installed PLC in the field and control room.
  • Extensive digital design, from the chip up.
  • Cable assembly and mass manufacturing.
  • System integration, security, communications, other.
  • Power scheduling and loading.

Project Engineering

  • A/E design review of a integrated security systems, communication systems, and fire engineering systems, as associated with aluminum industrial complex and mine site, serving as the EPC oversight with respect to KSA HCIS compliance.
  • Develop corporate engineering project management standards for industrial security and emergency engineering technical designs, HCIS, ANSI, PSM, MIL-STD, NEC, and other engineering standards.
  • Other construction projects have included construction of waste treatment center, oil and gas sites, earth works, demolition, environmental restoration, hazardous waste mitigation, and general contracting. In the middle east I applied these skills, all career path steps, applied hands-on. 
  • Schematic and drawing review.
  • Surveying, earthworks, metal works, utility installation.
  • Soil science, to QA of material, power scheduling, utility installation, construction management.


Technical Writing

Early in my career I applied my writing skills in the development of scientific publications of my research at Sandia National Laboratories, and I continue to apply writing skills daily. I have developed policy, on-line training, executive presentation, technical bid packages, and a full blown environmental health and safety programs. Writing is one of my core skills.

Tata, CEO, Prince, and Alcoa CEO - KSA

India - Jack and Executive Welcome Party
India Power Plant - Jack

Iraq Mission - Jack

Refinery Operations India - Jack

Developing an Organization KSA - Jack

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Transport of radon and thoron at the earth's surface(Link)EditRe-order section

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This report covers progress under the current funding period 1 Jan 1992 to 1 Jan 1993 and presents the continuation proposal for 1 Jan 1993 to 1 Jan 1994. The previous progress report was submitted in June 1991, so activities during the last half of 1991 will also be included. Our major activities over the last year have continued to focus on measurements and modeling of the disequilibrium of...more

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This paper presents the results of an instantaneous profile test conducted near the Mixed Waste Landfill at Sandia National Laboratories/New Mexico. The purpose of the test was to measure the unsaturated hydraulic properties of soils near the Mixed Waste Landfill, including the relations between hydraulic conductivity, moisture content, and soil water tension. A 4.7 meter by 4.7 meter plot was...more

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The purpose of the Characterization, Monitoring, and Sensor Technology Crosscutting Program (CMST-CP) is to deliver appropriate characterization, monitoring, and sensor technology (CMST) to the Office of Waste Management (EM-30), the Office of Environmental Restoration (EM-40), and the Office of Facility Transition and Management (EM-60). The technology development must also be cost effective and...more

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Project Management Consultant (PMC) HSE Design Engineer - 2014 Continued Career Path Statement

As of 2014 I joined the Fluor Project Management Consulting team. As HSE Design Engineer I ensure continuity of EPC, HAZOP, project engineering technical, IMF lender requirements, Royal Commission, PME, and issues related to a 7.5 billion dollar middle east based project. 
This is the 3rd mega-project I have worked on.
  • I ensure due diligence of global engineering firms which have been awarded project packages---design, construction, processes and infrastructure. Global engineering firms include SNC-Lavalin/Sinopec, Hanwha, Daelim, Intecsa, and China Huanqiu.
In February 2012 the KSA Council of Ministers approved the establishment of Wa’ad Al Shammal at which Ma’aden will establish seven large world class plants and associated facilities.

The total production capacity of these plants will be around 16 million tonnes per year and will include phosphate concentrate, sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid, dicalcium and monocalcium phosphate used in animal feed, purified phosphoric acid used in food industries, and sodium tripolyphosphate used in manufacturing detergents and for industrial purposes. Other new plants to produce ammonia and phosphate based fertilizers complimenting the industries at Wa’ad Al Shammal will be constructed at Ras Al Khair in the Eastern Province to be near port facilities.

Above you find a description of the project, a Ma'aden mega project. In 2013 I departed Ma'aden and today continue being associated with Ma'aden as a Fluor PMC Engineer.

Fluor Corporation was awarded a project by Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma’aden). Fluor’s scope of work is to provide project management consulting (PMC) services related to the development of the Umm Wu’al greenfield phosphate project and related facilities in northern Saudi Arabia. Fluor’s scopes of work on the Umm Wu’al project will include the following areas:

• Provide overall PMC services for the development of the Umm Wu’al phosphate project;

• Supervise and manage the feasibility study including the development of basic design packages which is undertaken by FEED contractor;

• Manage the development, strategy, and tendering of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) packages; and

• Manage and supervise all EPC contractors during EPC stage until project turnover closeout.  
Below find links to the Ma'aden published ESIA, providing a breath of the scope associated with the project:
Ma'aden Aluminium First Hot Metal

Professional Milestone 

A professional career path milestone  realized, completion of my Consulting Contract with Ma'aden.
  • I seek to continue on a professional development career path, Consulting, where I might apply my  experiences in a continued capacity anywhere in the world, short-term or long-term projects.

The 2 images above provide a visual representation of the scope of work of one of the mega-projects I worked on. Today many Western companies are in the region; however, I was part of the original pioneer team from Ma'aden Corporate. I was instrumental in laying the foundation for infrastructure and others to come. I am accustom to being dropped in a remote region, where no infrastructure exist. No business politics, no business structure, just old fashion hands on work, experiences not many can say they have had, especially when talking about remote regions of Saudi Arabia. Opportunity and experiences of a lifetime. Security, engineering, emergency response, quality assurance, HSE, design review, VIP visits, all part of a normal day as a Consultant.

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Clearance Incident Command - Cost Saving Using One Team

I developed the EOD survey plan and served as the UXO Incident Commander for a team (KSA Army and Navy) in the clearing of the Ma’aden Aluminium Complex (10kM x 10kM), where after the Kuwait war unexploded ordinance hazards were of concern. 
  • The project resulted in a significant cost savings to the company, negated the time which would of been required to contract and mobilize an outside vendor,  and allowed geo-technical and construction task to begin--- one of the largest consolidated aluminium complex projects in the world. 
  • An example of my diversified skill set and commitment to "one team" concept.

Construction Experience Summary

I have construction project experience, from my current roles, and gained while working as a PM and General ContractorGB-98, in the USA.
  • I developed technical bid packages from the ground up---starting for the Request for Proposals (RFP), with respect to general construction projects.
  • I know how to read schematics and drawings well enough to construct and to develop project management SOW based on technical packages.
  • As a small business I learned the basics of surveying, hydrology, concrete engineering, metal work, utilities, civil works, etc. 
  • As a General Contractor I touched every phase of a construction project, and used those skills to move onto the larger projects. 
  • Engineering, procurement, and contracting management experience.
  • I have managed sub-contractors on projects, and in KSA I utilized my skills to oversee design review and permit to construct with KSA regulators.

Development of Joint Ventures

FIDIC Silver Book Best Practices

Business Management

Manpower Planning

Design Review

Engineering RFI Development

Due-diligence for fortune 500 companies---Honeywell, Mitsubishi, Koke, Industry, Bechtel, Alcoa, Worley Parsons, Alcoa, and Ma'aden

Chemical Industry

Working as the HSE Manager for a high-purity chemical company I was responsible for all HSE aspects of the plants. EPA, OSHA, PSM, DOT, RCRA, State and local requirements for New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas operations. I participated in the commissioning of new plants and conducted due diligence for JVs. The products we manufactured in high volume were:

  • Ammonium Hydroxide
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Hydrofluoric Acid
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • IPA
  • Sulfuric Acid

Media Production

Over the years I have set up a production studio, and continued to apply myself, learning the art of media production. My hobbie grew to a more serious role when when I was asked to document a mega construction project, for historical purpose-the building of the minerals pillar for the kindom, what an opportunity to apply and be part of.


I purchased sound equipment, green screens,  lighting kits, cameras, hardware, and software and use it to create projects. I have developed movie scripts, story boards, and designed shot plans, including logos. Next to going to the gym, this is a passion. I hope in the near future to do a short film production, continuing to learn, apply, and grow my passion. In a nut shell, i have my own production studio, and I'm ready for the project! These days production not as simple as filming and posting. You have to understand formats, bandwidth, and other technical skills you only get from apply hands-on experience,the school of hard knocks! I have spent hours, sometimes days figuring out technical issues.

The pictures below depicts a simple project done for Executive Board of Directors, interview in office. I was blessed to be mentored by a former BBC reporting, leaning the ropes on my own. 

Some of My Hobbies

Below find samples of link to video productions I have produced, helping to promote Safety within the company, a sample of my creative side, my hobby, multi-media. I filmed, produced, posted, and shot all the photos and media.

HSE Management System PA Sample

Road Safety PA Sample

Emergency Management Training Video Sample


Emergency Management

I have a passion for Emergency Services, and have worked as a Fireman, EMT, Fire Training Officer, and Emergency Response Specialist for the US Department of Energy. Here is an example of a solution used to train Incident Command. I developed the story line, the web concept, and all multimedia: Example of Incident Command Solution

  • I have the real life applied experience in  incident management and am capable of managing any crisis situation.
Celebrating delivery of the first Fire Unit, E-1. The beginning of a new fire department for the new industrial complex.

My Path To Executive Opportunity - Diversified

My diversified business sector experiences come from working as an Engineer and Manager in the federal manufacturingpetro-chemicaldefenseresearch and development, construction, and industrial sectors. 

Web Based Solutions - Sample of Hobby
Below find an example of a web page solution I developed, Emergency SMS Messages to Employees. I developed the page, the web-based forms, and all logo and art work. A hobby of mine, and an example of my creative real-time ability to dream, develop, and implement business solutions. Click on the photo below, it will take you a web page link, explore an example of my work.



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