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PNAS Commentary by Martha J. Farah & Cayce J. Hook: "Trust and the poverty trap."

Manuscripts in revision

*Jachimowicz, J.M., *Lee, J., Staats, B., Gino, F. & Menges, J.I. “Commuting as Role Transitions: How Trait Self-Control and Work-related Prospection Offset Negative Effects of Lengthy Commutes.” Revise & Resubmit. Working Paper accessible here.

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Manuscripts under review

Jachimowicz, J.M., Wihler, A., & Galinsky, A.D. "Capturing the Dual Pillars of Grit: The Synergistic Benefits of Perseverance and Passion for Performance." Under Review. Working Paper accessible here.

Jachimowicz, J.M., & Whillans, A. "Why Passionate Employees Can Have It All: Passion Lowers Time Stress by Enhancing Goal Integration." Under Review. Working Paper accessible here.

Jachimowicz, J.M., Wihler, A., & Galinsky, A.D. "When the Passionate Succeed: Passion For Work Increases Job Performance Only When Their Supervisors Attain Desired Levels of Passion." Under Review. Working Paper accessible here.

Jachimowicz, J.M., Brown, Z., Galinsky, A.D., & Brockner, J. “Crossing Ethical Boundaries in the Pursuit of Passion: How Passion Gaps Cause Unethical Pro-Organizational Behavior.” Under Review. Working Paper accessible here.

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Working papers

Jachimowicz, J.M., To, C., Menges, J.I., & Akinola, M. "Passion Gaps: Why Employees Leave Their Job in Pursuit of Work Passion." Working Paper accessible here.

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* denotes shared first authorship

Selected work in progress

*Jachimowicz, J.M., *Szaszi, B., Lukas, M., Prabhu, J., & Weber, E.U. “Why Economic Inequality Makes the Poor Even Poorer: Economic Inequality Increases Financial Hardship for Low-Income Individuals.”

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