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Manuscripts in revision and under review

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Working papers

Jachimowicz, J.M., Wihler, A., & Galinsky, A.D. "When the Passionate Succeed: Passion For Work Increases Job Performance Only When Their Supervisors Attain Desired Levels of Passion."

Jachimowicz, J.M., Freund, A. & Whillans, A. "Making Molehills Out of Mountains: How Passion Attainment Reduces Perceived Goal Conflict to Promote Performance"

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Selected work in progress

Jachimowicz, J.M., Martin, A., Pike, B., & Galinsky, A.D. "Passion and Gender."

Jachimowicz, J.M., & Freund, A. "Passion and Precision."

Jachimowicz, J.M., & Bailey, E. "Passion and Overconfidence."

* denotes shared first authorship
+ denotes shared second authorship