Jon M. Jachimowicz
Doctoral Candidate
Management Division
Columbia Business School
I'm on the academic job market for 2018/2019!

Research Interests

In my research, I seek to identify the psychological, behavioral, and structural levers and barriers that facilitate or inhibit people’s ability to succeed in organizations and communities. I consider my research to be both theory building and theory testing. First, at the psychological level, I have created the Dynamic Model of Passion and have empirically tested how, why, and when passion for work can help propel employees forward. The dominant approach treats passion as a trait-like inclination that rests within individuals. My theory and empirical research extend this perspective by conceptualizing passion as also possessing a dynamic component, and thus uncover the role of expectations, perceptions, and variations of passion over time. Second, at the structural level, I investigate how Economic Inequality functions as a barrier in society and at work that hinders people from fulfilling their potential. Furthering our understanding of the mechanisms underlying inequality’s deleterious effects also allows me to examine the crucial role that communities and organizations can play in overcoming them. In exploring these topics, I take an interdisciplinary approach, leveraging theory from management, social/cognitive psychology, sociology, and behavioral economics.