Clients have told me that I have a calm, compassionate presence, and that this gives them a sense of 'space' where they can explore what they are feeling and thinking. This can enable clients to find new perspectives, gain confidence to make decisions, and challenge or change how they experience and live their lives.

The therapeutic connection between two people forms the basis of the counselling relationship and the work that takes place within it. Being human is my best asset towards understanding what is going on in another person's world, and to enable them to find important insights.

My background in counselling and in health care has opened my eyes to significant experiences that hurt, baffle, devastate, sadden or disturb people. My role includes helping another person understand and navigate some of the obstacles – whether in the present or the past - preventing them from engaging more fully with their life. This process often requires commitment and courage from my clients, and I aim to support each one effectively and consistently.