Office:    Centre for Economic Performance
                London School of Economics
                Houghton Street
                London WC2A 2AE
                United Kingdom

E-mail:    j.m.colmer@lse.ac.uk

I am a PhD candidate at the London School of Economics.

My research explores the intersection between economic and natural systems, with a focus on the economic consequences of environmental change. In particular, I am interested in the role that microeconomic frictions play in impeding adjustment to environmental change and the consequent implications for economic dynamics.

Primary Fields: Environmental Economics and Development Economics.

Secondary Fields: Labour Economics, Industrial Organization and Trade.

Winner of the FEEM Award 2013 (Young Economist Prize awarded by the European Economic Association).

Research Papers:

Nice Work if You Can Get It: The General Equilibrium Effects of Temperature Shocks in Developing Countries.

This paper examines whether factor reallocation between sectors can play a role in mitigating climatic influence on economic activity, and the degree to which adjustment costs impede this reallocation. I explore the effects of temperature on firm level production and labour market outcomes in India, exploiting a combination of spatial variation and firm-level exposure to India’s labour regulation environment to identify two responses: (1) an increase in temperature has negative direct effects on labour productivity and (2) factor reallocation between agriculture and manufacturing in flexible labour market environments, can offset losses within manufacturing.By mitigating the direct productivity losses associated with temperature on manufacturing and reducing adjustment costs, factor reallocation between sectors could substantially offset aggregate economic losses, highlighting the important role that general equilibrium effects can play when estimating the effects of productivity shocks. 

(FEEM Award Winner 2013) 

with Yonas Alem 

Selected Works In Progress: 

Hot Heads: Temperature, Income Shocks and Crime in India 
with Thiemo Fetzer and Benjamin Guinn

Weather and Trade in a Globalized World: A Firm-level Analysis 
with Ralf Martin, Mirabelle Muuls and Ulrich Wagner

The Causal Effect of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme: Evidence from French Manufacturing Installations
with Ralf Martin, Mirabelle Muuls and Ulrich Wagner

Assessing the additionality of the Clean Development Mechanism: Quasi-experimental evidence from India 
with Antoine Dechezleprêtre, Caterina Gennaioli, Matthieu Glachant and Anna Schröeder.

Trade Winds: The Impact of Hurricanes of Shipping Costs and Bilateral Trade 
with Thiemo Fetzer

Natural Disasters, Tax Evasion, and Economic Development: Tax Return Evidence from the 2010-2011 Pakistani Floods
with Michael Best