Mailing Address: 
Room 332 Monroe Hall
Department of Economics
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22904

Contact Information:

Phone (Office): 434-924-3525

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Virginia.

My research seeks to understand how we can manage the world's natural assets (and liabilities) in a way that maximizes global economic potential. 

- What are the economic consequences of environmental change?
- How do individuals, firms, and farms respond to environmental change?
- How does the institutional and policy environment affect the ability of agents to respond to environmental change? 
- What is the role, and capacity, of government in managing environmental change?
- What are the welfare effects of policies that seek to internalize the environmental costs of economic activity?

Research Fields:
  • Environmental Economics
  • Growth and Development
  • Public Finance
  • Labor Economics
  • Economic Geography
I am the program director of the Bankard Public Economics Workshop at UVa. 
For more information, please get in touch.

Research Question(s): To what degree can workers move across sectors to moderate the economic consequences of weather-driven changes in agricultural productivity? What does this imply for the aggregate consequences of weather-driven changes in agricultural productivity?

(Under Review)
(FEEM Award Winner 2013)

Research Question: How does uncertainty about future income realizations affect childhood investments in village economies?

Consumption Smoothing and the Welfare Cost of Uncertainty New Version!
with Yonas Alem (Under Review)

Research Question(s): To what degree does uncertainty about future income realizations affect household welfare in village economies? 

Selected Work in Progress:

Understanding the Distributional Consequences of Air Pollution: Evidence from High-Income, High-Pollution Hong Kong (Coming Soon!)
with Dajun Lin (UVA), Siying Liu (UVA) and Jay Shimshack (UVA)

Research Question(s): To what degree do "good" socio-economic conditions moderate the consequences of "bad" pollution levels? What does this imply about the distributional consequences of pollution exposure?

Emissions Trading, Firm Behavior, and the Environment: Evidence from French Manufacturing Firms 
(Coming Soon!)

with Ralf Martin (Imperial), Mirabelle Muuls (Imperial), and Ulrich Wagner (Mannheim) 

Research Question: Does unilateral climate policy result in real emission reductions, or simply a reallocation of emissions between regulated and unregulated entities?

Pollution and the Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital: Evidence from the 1970 Clean Air Act 
(Coming Soon!)
with John Voorheis (U.S. Census) 

Research Question: What are the effects of in-utero pollution exposure on the children of those that were in-utero exposed?

The Economics of Marine Conservation 
with Robin Burgess (LSE) and Michael Greenstone (Chicago)

Research Question(s): Are Marine Protected Areas effectively managed and enforced? What are the consequences for fishing effort and ocean health? 

Do Pollution Offsets Offset Pollution? Evidence from the Clean Development Mechanism in India
with Raphael Calel (Georgetown) and Antoine Dechezlepretre (LSE)

Research Question: Do pollution offsets result in real emission reductions, or would these reductions have occurred in the absence of subsidies?