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Room 332 Monroe Hall
Department of Economics
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22904

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Phone (Office): 434-924-3525

I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Virginia. My research explores the intersection of Environmental Economics with topics in Growth, Development and Public Finance. I seek to understand both how the environment shapes economic behavior, as well as how economic behavior shapes the environment.  

- What are the economic consequences of, and responses to, environmental change?
- How does economic behavior affect the environment?
- What is the role, and capacity, of government in managing environmental change?

Research Interests: 
  • Environmental and Energy Economics, 
  • Growth and Development, 
  • Public Finance,
  • Labor Economics, 
  • Trade.
  • Winner of the FEEM Award 2013 (Young Economist Prize awarded by the European Economic Association).

Agricultural workers in India are relatively able to move across sectors within casual activities in response to weather-driven changes in agricultural productivity. In the absence of labor reallocation, the aggregate losses associated with temperature increases could be
up to 40% higher.

Uncertainty about future income has a direct effect on individual welfare. Consequently, the gains from further consumption smoothing are likely to be substantially greater than estimates based solely on observed consumption fluctuations.

Increases in parental income uncertainty are associated with reductions in child labor and increases in educational attainment. Evidence points to an income diversification mechanism. However, in the earlier stages of childhood, an increase in parental income uncertainty is associated with a reduction in educational attainment, consistent with a precautionary savings response. This negative relationship weakens and reverses as the child grows older and the returns to education, and consequently diversification increase.

Selected Work in Progress:

Emissions Trading, Firm Behavior, and the Environment: Evidence from French Manufacturing Firms 
with Ralf Martin (Imperial), Mirabelle Muuls (Imperial), and Ulrich Wagner (Mannheim)

Do Pollution Offsets Offset Pollution? Evidence from the Clean Development Mechanism in India
with Raphael Calel (Georgetown), Antoine Dechezlepretre (LSE), and Matthieu Glachant (Paris MINES)

The Intergenerational Consequences of Air Pollution: Evidence from the Clean Air Act of 1970
with John Voorheis (U.S. Census)

Understanding the Effects of Air Pollution on Infant Health in High-Income, High-Pollution Hong Kong'' 
with Dajun Lin (UVA), Siying Liu (UVA) and Jay Shimshack (UVA)