John Yiran Zhu 朱亦冉

Cowles Visiting Assistant Professor, Yale Economics

email: johnzhuyiran [at] gmail [dot] com



Better Monitoring...Worse Productivity? [August, 2019]

Anticipating Disagreement in Dynamic Contracting [July, 2019] submitted

Contracting with Synergies (w Alex Edmans and Itay Goldstein)


A Foundation for Efficiency Wage Contracts, AEJ: Micro 2018, 10(4) 248-288

Myopic Agency, Review of Economic Studies 2018, 85(2) 1352-1388

Impatience Versus Incentives (w Marcus Opp), Econometrica 2015, 83(4) 1601-1617

Optimal Contracts with Shirking, Review of Economic Studies 2013, 80(2) 812-839