The Super Detailed Business Interior Sheets are designed to completely detail the entire interior with little effort at an affordable price. 

 Super Detailed Sheets available at this time:
  • #101 GROCERY SHEET    contains food shelves, meat counter and butcher,bakery counter, dairy, frozen food, ice cream and produce cases and signs
  • #102 HARDWARE SHEET contains shelves of tools, garden tools, power tools, plumbing supplies, door hardware, paints, paint display, 3 free standing display racks and signs
  • #103 BOOK STORE SHEET    contains shelves of books, magazine, comic books, paper back books, greeting cards, free standing booking rack, and signs.
  • #104 LIQUOR STORE SHEET   contains cooler cases, liquor shelves, beer shelves, wine racks,  liquor business signs, and liquor and beer boxes that can be folded for floor displays.
  • #105 Train Shop Sheet  contains train products on shelves, engine display cabinets, free standing scenic product displays, train shop business signs

Super Detailed Sheets

    The sheets include
  • The sheets have all new signs 
  • Photos of products on shelves(are all the same size making for easier construction)
  • Free standing product displays
  • Several signs for the business.
  • All signs, displays, product shelves are printed on 6.5ml glossy photography paper

     Building Tips
  • Some of the shelving photos can be mounted on the walls for added depth. I mount some on card stock or foam board first before attaching to the walls.

  • Free standing shelves for the store are created using styrene rectangle boxes about a inch tall and .188 wide with length varying to shelf photos or the interior size of the building.  I then glue the product shelving photos to the rectangular styrene boxes.

  • I usually make box a little shorter than the shelvimg photo so I can wrap part of the photo around at least one end of the styrene box.

  • Free Standing displays    When cutting out a Free Standing Display be sure to leave a little extra white paper to make a small tab for gluing the display together when folded.