I'm broadly interested in how human activities affect our environment and how the environment in turn affects us. At the Duke University Program of Ecology in North Carolina (USA), I worked with Rob Jackson on how land-use changes in grasslands affect provision of ecosystem services such as carbon storage and groundwater recharge, which are environmental processes that have direct implications for our societies.

I'm currently a Marie Curie Research Fellow, examining fluxes from soil carbon stocks under agricultural conversion with Sue Trumbore. Previously, I worked  on a project examining ecosystem services (soil fixation, carbon sequestration and water-related) provided by roots under natural and agroforestry land uses.

When not at work, I'm usually playing with my toddler son, fishing, hunting for mushrooms and edible plants, raising pheasants, and working on my collection of short stories. Please use the links on the sidebar to navigate through the site.

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