Most all civilizations up until the modern era, with bright nighttime electric light flooding out the stars, were very connected to the sky’s various daytime and nighttime rhythms. Now there seems to be a general lack of people's awareness of the nighttime sky anymore. My latest body of work is mostly my reaction to this unawareness. Because of this realization of mine and my interest in the modern discoveries of cosmologists, I started telling stories in my art about the stars and the universe. The work started with diagrams of astrophysics theory and huts tracking the movement of the sun or the moon. This quickly became a whole story of the erudition of man about the workings of the cosmos.

Eclipse, ". . . and the Sun has perished out of heaven, and an evil mist hovers over all." Homer, The Odyssey

Hare Studying an Einstein-Rosen Bridge. The moon god in the guise of a hare is encountering and studying an Einstein-Rosen bridge, a hypothetical topological feature that would be a shortcut connecting two separate points in spacetime. An object that could connect extremely far distances such as a billion light years or more, short distances, such as a few feet, different universes, and in theory, different points in time. A wormhole is much like a tunnel with two ends, each in separate points in spacetime.

Wren will foretell all that will happen. The old Celtic saying goes, in Gaelic, dysgogan derwydon meint a deruyd, (druids foretell all that will happen). The wren was a bird in Celtic myth that spoke to the soothsayers. The word wren in Gaelic is similar to the word for druid, possibly where the druids are thought to come from. In this work we see the wren in his currach traveling into the cosmos seeing the future.

Moonwatcher. The deer, an early moon watcher studying the moon's phases from a cave painting in Abris de las Vinas, Spain. 8000 – 6000 b.c.

Bundle, the sarcophagus of an astronomer, has thirteen cycles of the moon etched on the case. This is one lunar year and represents the ancient belief of rebirth corresponding with the solstices of the sun. We see the wool wrapped astronomer lying in wait with his star maps.

Inspired by old Irish myths, Immortal deals with creation, death, rebirth, and references the Irish saying that “the soul is immortal, but the universe is indestructible.”

Cernunnos, the Celtic god of the forest, sits watching Death through the forever cycling cosmos, represented by the hand-tied fishing net. Death sits looking through the star map showing the constellation Cygnus, setting in the west, indicating winter, a time of death is approaching.

Joining the Immensity, inspired by an old Middle Eastern saying, that one joins the immensity of the cosmos when one dies, we see two figures gazing upwards through a star map spire of light. They are joining the endless cycle of star stuff of the cosmos.

"A black feathered raven sang his cheerful song and the shining sun burned away shadows", Beowulf. The ravens are communicating with the humans through The Oracle. The humans are in a solar calendar hut and are receiving the secrets from the ravens who are speaking down the long tapered fishing net. Unlike the other humans the ravens spoke to, this group is ready to take in the information of the cosmos and learn.

Big Lagoon Observatory Station. This old fishing shack has been taken over by a flock of ravens who have turned it into an observatory. Inside they are studying the cosmos, through the sky windows they have poked through the roof. Here we see them each tugging and forming the universe representing a theory of Dark Energy.