Frankenstein Candy Head

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Project completed on 10/28/2014

I built the Make Monster Candy Snatch Game a few days ago. It took a bit longer than the 1-2 hours advertised, and most of that was spent trying to get the leads soldered onto the button trigger contacts. My soldering skills must not be quite up to snuff, because it took 3 attempts. Once it was done I put a whole bunch of hot glue on the component to hold the leads in place.

I brought it into work and people seemed to enjoy it. Some folks were apprehensive about using it, thinking that it would give them an electric shock.

I modified the circuit design a bit by eliminating the need for a transistor and a second battery. I'm not sure if this puts the circuit at risk for damage over time, but I figure I'll only be bringing it out once a year anyway.

I was most pleased by the interest my young daughter showed in trying to understand how it worked.