Joel P. Stillerman

Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Professor of Sociology
Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI
PhD, Sociology, New School for Social Research

My scholarly work focuses on trade unionists' and street vendors' protest, consumer culture, and cultural capital in Chile;  I have also published two articles on transnational labor activism in North America.

1) My first project examines the trajectory of metalworkers' protests under democratic, authoritarian and post-authoritarian regimes.  I have been particularly interested in the relationship between geography and the character of protest.  I am currently developing a book manuscript on this topic. 

2) My second project focuses on the nature of social relationships in street markets, flea markets, and malls, and their implications for the future of urban public space and economic life. 

3) I have worked on a research team focused on consumer behavior in Chilean shopping malls, which emphasizes shoppers' agency and creativity in mall settings.

4) Finally, I have studied how adults within different segments of the middle classes invest in the home decoration, education, and housing markets.  I am particularly interested in how individuals' assets (cultural, economic, and social capital), gender, and household structure influence families' mobility and identity strategies.