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 INCITE Journal of Experimental Media - Back and Forth Interview Series

Millennium Film Journal

"Rising from the Tome: Writings from Cinematic Misfit George Kuchar" issue 96 p31

"The Visual Music of Breaking the Projector: A Few Words with Oakland Filmmaker Huckleberry Lain" issue 95 p31

"City of Silver Screens: Surveying the Experimental Film Venues of New York" issue 94 p12

"An Ode to Ektachrome: Sarah J. Christman Films Screen" issue 93 p6

"Pen, Paper, and 16mm Camera: Jenny Perlin to Chat at Anthology Screenings" issue 92 p4

"The Picture Show: The Arrival of a New Greenpoint Microcinema" issue 90 p8

"Emulations, Fetes, and Threnodies for Analog Film: 'Digital Dilemma' shorts at the Tribeca Film Festival" issue 89 p10

"Big Joy and Cine Magic: Two Screenings at Anthology Film Archives" issue 88 p8

"Haunted Landscapes Poetic and Experimental Cinema Screenings" issue 87 p8

"Growing Up Pittsburgh: Film-Makers’ Cooperative’s Chief MM Serra on Her Formative Years" issue 85 p4

"Ephemeral Cinema: Mono No Aware" issue 84 p12

"Unessential Cinema: An Interview with Andrew Lampert" The Moving Image, Vol. 12, No. 1, Spring 2012


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