Film Services and Equipment Rental


Specializing in 16mm projection in art galleries, at outdoor screenings, and other venues without permanently installed projection equipment in the New York City area.

Equipment Rental
16mm projection
Available as either a single projector, or pair for changeovers:
16-CL Elmo channel loader projector
Elmo lenses: 20mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm
Kodak Pageant 250S projector (silent speed) with 50mm lens 
SafeLock projection stand
take-up reels, audio cables, adapters, spare bulbs, (split reels, if necessary)


Film Services/Consultant
Setup for installation of 16mm projection system
Training for projectionist
Planning and budgeting for 16mm film production and digital/analog hybrid projects
Creative consultant or editorial consultant, specializing in alternative approaches to documentary filmmaking
Hand-developing of 16mm or super-8 film

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