Harberger Model With Code. Reviews the Harberger (1962) model as outlined in Atkinson and Stiglitz (1988/2015). It includes a hand-out that reviews the Harberger model with CES functional forms, how to solve the model numerically, and both analytic and numerical calibration of MME models. It also provides complete Matlab code to execute the model. Finally, the *.tex file for the handout is also provided should you wish to modify it for other purposes.

Matlab Tutorial. MATLAB tutorial prepared for AEM 6940. Covers basic and advanced commands.

GAMS Tutorial. This is a brief tutorial on GAMS prepared for AEM 6940. Package includes several additional examples from Dr. Boisvert.

Stata Tutorial 1. A collection of Stata tutorials prepared for PUAF 611. Reviews basic commands, file management, macros, and loops.

Stata Tutorial 2. Stata tutorial prepared for AEM 7010. Covers commands needed to replicate Pischke (2007).


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