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I am an assistant professor in environmental and energy economics at the Pennsylvania State University in University Park.  

My primary fields are environmental and energy economics, with additional interest in applied microeconomics, public finance, and public economics/political economy.  My research focuses on the welfare evaluation and political economy of imperfect or ‘second-best’ public policies, with a particular emphasis on large-scale public policies that target significant market failures related to climate change, energy and transportation systems, public health, and the urban sector.    

A more detailed summary of who I am and my life's work can be found here, whereas my papers (and appendices to them) can be accessed here.  My vitae is available here.  A summary of my teaching and student mentoring is here. You can shoot me an email here.

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Joel R. Landry, PhD

Contact Information:

Phone: 814.865.9136

Fax: 814.865.3248



124 Hosler Building

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802-5000