About me

I am currently an Early Career Fellow at the University of Reading funded by the Leverhulme Trust. My interests are primarily involved in macro-evolutionary biology, particularly involving large-scale evolutionary trends and patterns. I am also interested in looking at the effects of incorporating extinct and extant diversity into studies of evolutionary biology and ecology.

Current research areas:

  • Macroevolutionary patterns and processes - morphological change across the ages
  • Linking rapid rates of morphological evolutionary change to underlying ecological drivers / selective pressures.
  • Understanding the energetic costs of locomotion and how they change through time.
  • Natural selection: from genotypes to phenotypes!

Current collaborations:

  • Currently collaborating with colleagues in Brazil to understand the dynamics of genital coevolution across insect genitalia [see project page on ResearchGate].
  • Collaborating with UK colleagues to understand how primate and mammal sociality has been affected by life history.

Feel free to give me an e-mail if you are interested in collaboration.