Ecology and conservation of marine megafauna living in exploited ecosystems

INSTITUT DE CIENCIES DEL MAR -  CSIC, Barcelona (Spain) Contact: Twitter: @DivingPetrel

I am interested in the study of the ecology and conservation of marine megafauna living in exploited ecosystems. Working with a different study species ranging from fish, sharks, seabirds, cephalopods and crustaceans, I have special interest in understanding their ecological roles in the marine ecosystems, their trophic relationships at the food-web level and the main ecological and evolutionary factors, including natural and human-mediated factors, that modulate their behavioural patterns, interspecific interactions and distribution patterns. In addition to the ecological and biological relevance of our research, I am particularly interested in the transference between science and conservation applications by providing holistic tools for the solution of management conflict and ecosystem-based approaches to the sustainable use of renewable marine resources.

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Editorial Board of Scientific Reports and Animal Biodiversity and Conservation



Twitter: @DivingPetrel