I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Economics at the Department of Economics at the University of Bath. My research interests are in labour and gender economics, migration and economics of education. 

I chair the GW4 Maternity Leave Network, bringing together academics from across disciplines and GW4 institutions working on family-friendly policies and gender gaps to work on burning policy questions in this area.

In 2023/2024 I am the Understanding Society research fellow. I am currently exploring the effects of the Shared Parental Leave reform in the UK on uptake of leave and labour market outcomes of parents.

I am also a member of Dobrobyt na pokolenia (prosperity for generations) - group of Polish economists providing expert commentaries to economic and political events, based on academic research.

I am interested in exploring interdisciplinarity and better use of fast emerging data sources to answer burning policy questions. Therefore, I am a member of the University of Bath Value of Data Beacon and the GW4 2022/23 Crucible on Data and Digital World. 

You can also find me on:   Linkedin  Twitter

Office address:                                                         

Department of Economics                                                                                                             

University of Bath                                                     

3 East, 2.13                                                              

Claverton Down

Bath BA2 7AY

email: j.m.clifton.sprigg@gmail.com