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JNIPort for VisualWorks

Please read Chris Uppal's documentation of JNIPort for Dolphin Smalltalk which is included both in the JNIPort bundle in Cincom's Public Store Repository and in the download of JNIPort for Dolphin Smalltalk. It contains a detailed description of the concepts and design of JNIPort, as well as several examples and tips. Although it is written on the background of Dolphin Smalltalk, most of the documentation is valid for VisualWorks as well.

Quick start

Getting started

Loading JNIPort for VisualWorks from a Store Repository
The contents of and
Configuring a JVM in the JNIPort Settings Tool
Configuring a JVM programmatically
Starting a JVM
Accessing running JVMs
Finding a Java class
Sending messages to Java objects
Java implementations and Operating Systems known to work with JNIPort


Accessing a ZIP file
Writing to a log file with java.util.logging
Controlling a Swing window from Smalltalk


(to do - see Chris Uppal's documentation in the download or in the archive of the JNIPort bundle)

How to... the JNIPort tests
...monitor messages from the Java Virtual Machine
...generate a predefined wrapper class
...write a callback from Java to Smalltalk (to do)
...debug errors


Inspecting a Java object (to do)
Browsing Wrapper Classes (to do)