Refereed Journals (in English) 

        Economic Record, forthcoming
  • Understanding Lifetime Homeless Duration: Investigating Wave 1 Findings from the Journeys Home Project (with R. Scutella, G. Johnson, Y.P. Tseng, M. Wooden)

        Australian Journal of Social Issues, forthcoming

Annals of Economics and Statistics, 2010, 99-100: 217-246 

  • The Social Multiplier and Labour Market Participation of Mothers (with E. Maurin)

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2009, 1(1): 251-272


Refereed Journals (in French)

[Reconciling Work and Family Life: the Effect of Preschooling]

Revue Economique, 2012, 63(2): 187-214

[Mothers' Labour Supply in France: the Causal Impact of Having More Than Two Children]

Economie et Statistique, 2009, 422: 51-78
Other Publications 
  • Introducing "Journeys Home" (with M. Wooden, A. Bevitt, A. Chigavazira, N. Greer, G. Johnson, E. Killackey, R. Scutella, Y. Tseng, N. Watson)
Australian Economic Review, 2012, 45(3): 368-378

[Career Interruptions and Wages in 2006]

Dares Premières Synthèses, 2010, 11

[Women's Labour Force Participation and Familial Composition Since 1975]

Dares Analyses, Dares, 2010, 27


Working Papers    





  Work in progress 
  • Peer and Students' Achievement (with D. McVicar and C. Ryan)
  • The Impact of Family Size on Children's Outcomes (wit D. Cobb-Clark)
  • Gender Mix or Twin Births: Their Validity as Instruments for Fertility
  • Media Consumption and Trust: Evidence from the United States (with D. Tabasso)