Refereed Publications (in English) 

  • IT-Based Technical Change and Job Instability (with L. Behaghel
    Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2016, 118(1), 79-104
  • From Substance Use to Homelessness or Vice Versa?  (with D. McVicar, J. van Ours
    Social Science and Medicine, 2015, 136-137: 89-98
  • Trust of Second Generation Immigrants: Intergenerational Transmission or Cultural Assimilation? (with D. Tabasso) 
    IZA Journal of Migration, 2014, 3(10)
  • The Impact of Fertility on Mothers’ Labour Supply in Australia: Evidence from Exogenous Variation in Family Size   
    Economic Record, 2013, 89(286): 319-338
  • Understanding Lifetime Homeless Duration: Investigating Wave 1 Findings from the Journeys Home Project (with R. Scutella, G. Johnson, Y.P. Tseng, M. Wooden)
    Australian Journal of Social Issues, 2013, 48(1): 83-108
  • Introducing "Journeys Home" (with M. Wooden, A. Bevitt, A. Chigavazira, N. Greer, G. Johnson, E. Killackey, R. Scutella, Y. Tseng, N. Watson)
    Australian Economic Review, 2012, 45(3): 368-378
  • Reconciling Work and Family Life: the Effect of the French Paid Parental Leave
    Annals of Economics and Statistics, 2010, 99-100: 217-246
  • The Social Multiplier and Labour Market Participation of Mothers (with E. Maurin)
    American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2009, 1(1): 251-272

Refereed Publications (in French) 

Other Publications 

Papers ready for seminar presentations

  • The Welfare Implications of Addictive Drugs: A Longitudinal Study of Life Satisfaction of Drug Users (with N. Powdthavee)
  • Homelessness and Incarceration: a Reciprocal Relationship? (with G. Johnson)
  • Do Childhood Experiences of Parental Separation Lead to Homelessness? (with J. van Ours)
  • Early Illicit Drug Use and the Age of Onset of Homelessness (with D. McVicar and J.van Ours)
  • Gender Gaps in Early Educational Achievement (with D. Cobb-Clark), IZA DP 9535, Melbourne Institute WP 23/15, LCC WP 2015-25
  • Achievement Effects from New Peers: who Matters to Whom? (with D. McVicar and C. Ryan, Melbourne Institute WP 17/16  
  • Right Peer, Right Now? Endogenous Peer Effects in Primary School Achievement (with D. McVicar and C. Ryan), Melbourne Institute WP 22/13
  • Gender Differences in the Effects of School Starting Age on Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills (with J. Pan)

Work in progress

  • The Impact of Providing Information on School Quality on School Composition (with G. Foster and C. Polidano)
  • Preference for Girls and Women's Bargaining Power (with P. Grosjean and S. Stillman)