25th Amendment

Before you watch the video, do 3 things: 
Turn off your phone 
Close all other browsers (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
If you have a pair of headphones/earbuds, put them on/in. This will help you focus on the video

When writing your summary, follow this format:
Sentence 1: General summary. "In this video we learned..."
Sentence 2: More details. "Specifically..."
Sentence 3: Something you understood well. "I really understood..."
Sentence 4: Something you did not understand well. "I am still confused about..."
(Thanks to Ramsey Musallam for this format idea)

Here's an example based on a committee chairs video.
In this lecture we learned how powerful committee chairs can be. Specifically, if a committee chair wanted, she could kill a bill she didn't like.I really understood the way committee chairs are assigned. I am still confused as to how the minority party plays a role in the committee process. This lecture can be related to the way Dan Rostenkowski ran the Ways & Means Committee in the 1980s.