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As of 12/26/2016 - There will be two new forms to replace all others, one for my company sites and one for my fandoms sites

This website is used to submit Copyrighted Media Takedown Request for any of Jordan Long's Computer Services websites.

Please remember that you must be the copyright holder to submit a takedown request!
Also please note that Jordan (Jlong Comp Services) does not mean to break copyright, just submit the form with correct info and your media will be removed as soon as possible

<< Use the sidebar navigation to access my site's takedown request forms <<

Please NOTE : I will honor art removal requests ONLY from the legal copyright holder of the art, character(s) & media. Simply commissioning artwork/media from an artist does NOT automatically transfer copyright of that image/media to the commissioner. If you find a commissioned piece on this site that you wish to see removed, you MUST go through the copyright holder of the artwork/media (typically the original artist) unless one of your own characters is depicted in the artwork/media. The intention of this policy is not to give anyone a hard time. It is only to make sure that artists' copyrighted works are protected.

You SHOULD Submit a takedown request if you are one of the following :
  • Character owner wanting artwork featuring their character removed.
  • Artist wanting their copyrighted media removed

You SHOULD NOT submit a takedown request if you are one of the following :

  • User wanting artwork removed do to breaking site host rules (ex. Weebly, Google Sites. Etc)

!! If you find media on any of my sites that break site host (like Weebly) rules, then please contact me via the contact page on Jlong Computer Services Main Site !!


What do I do if I do not get a email response or my media taken down in 1 week?

If you do not get a email response or your media taken down within 1 to 2 weeks of submiting the form, please contact me directly via my website by Clicking Here.

This might show there is a problem with the Google Forms not sending me a notification about the form being submitted.   

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