Ini++ is an advanced version of the standard Ini object. Its extra features include:

Compression and Encryption Ini++ allows the files to be compressed and encrypted when saved to disk.

Path Features You may select the path that relative paths are relative to. You may save to directories which do not exist and they will be created. There is a read-only mode if you do not wish to modify the file.

Initial Data You can specify initial data to be loaded into the object in the frame editor, as well as an initial file to load.

Dialog Box Ini++ features a dialog box which can be opened at run-time. It is helpful for debugging or cheat menus.

Case Sensitive If you wish, the Ini file can be case sensitive.

Repeated Groups and Items Repeated groups can be merged together. Repeated groups and items can also be automatically renamed.

Debugging Tools View and modify the Ini file as text from the Multimedia Fusion Debugger.

Auto-Save Ini++ can be set so it does not automatically rewrite the file to disk when it has been modified, however it can still do this if desired.

No Limits There are no limits for the size of the Ini files, the number of groups, the number of items, the size of values or anything like that!

Searching There are actions and expressions for searching Ini files and even putting the results in other Ini++ objects.

Merging Functions There are new functions for merging together Ini files

Subgroups Groups with subgroups can be simulated with the object.

Global Data Stores An infinite number of global data stores that can be shared across subapps.

Hashed Values There are functions for having hashed data values, which is useful for passwords and so on.

Get and Set as Text Ini files can be loaded in directly as text, or the data can be received as a string.

Listing Groups and Items Expression for listing the items of the Ini file without previously knowing the names of the items. There are also expressions for finding out how many items and groups there are.

Reordering Groups Sort, shift, shuffle groups and more...

Receive Information Quickly Quickly find out which groups have certain properties with the ‘Perform calculations’ expressions.

Escape Characters Escape Characters can be used in group names, item names and item values. This allows new lines to be represented in the data, for instance.

Ini++ v1.5 has the following additional updates:
  • The ordering of groups are now preserved
  • Properties are now in two tabs, so advanced properties can be easily ignored.
  • New action to get a 'part' of an item. These are bits separated by commas.
  • The ability to easily transfer data to and from MMF arrays (although you cannot write to string arrays for technical reasons).
  • Many bug fixes
Since the first release of Ini++ v1.5:
  • Faster
  • Many bug fixes
  • Sorting mode can be chosen with the 'reorder group' action, which allows 'Alphanum' sort among others. Under for, "Foo 12" comes after "Foo 2", for instance.
  • New 'sort by first part' type of reordering.
  • Undo and Redo actions

Please note that the latest version is the April 2015 build. This is avaliable from the MMF2.5 build-in extension updater, and is not listed below.

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