Johannes Lischner (principal investigator)
 Brief bio: read here.
 CV: read here.
 Research interests: see here.

 Matthias Kahk (postdoc)
 Research interests: high-pressure photoemission, electrochemistry, oxides

 Lars Blumenthal (PhD student)
 Research topics: electronic excitations at solid-liquid interfaces, photoelectrochemistry

  Alise Verbule (PhD student)
  Research topics: excited states in polymers, organic photovoltaics

 Stefano Dal Forno (PhD student)
 Research topics: electron-plasmon interactions in plasmonic materials

 Lara Roman Castellanos (PhD student)
 Research topics: nonequilibrium properties of hot electrons in plasmonic materials

 Martik Aghajanian (PhD student)
 Research topics: defects in 2d semiconductors

  Alexandra Goebel (PhD student)
  Research topic: ultrafast processes in metallic nanoparticles

  Luigi Ranno (undergraduate student)
  Research topic: core-shell nanoparticles

Thasneem Gafoor (PhD student); Research topic: graphene-semiconductor solar cells
Elena Stein Scholtis (undergraduate student); Research topic: batteries, ferroelectric photocatalysis
Anlun Jiong (undergraduate student); Research topic: graphene-semiconductor solar cells
Sisheng Shu (undergraduate student); Research topic: molecules on graphene


Master students:
Nicolo Forcellini, now doing PhD at Cambridge
Monica Mota, now doing PhD at Imperial
Wuwei Jin, now doing a PhD at Jilin University, China


Christmas bowling in 2017.

Goodbye drinks for Matthias who is starting a postdoc at the National University of Singapore. Johannes presents the bottle of wine the group just received for winning the pub quiz.

Group dinner with Flamenco music at Le Quecumbar in 2016.

Lars, who loves materials, gives a memorable group meeting presentation combining theoretical studies of water splitting with experiments (see electrochemical cell on the table).

  Christmas group dinner at Carluccio's in 2015.

The first official group dinner. Rumour has it that the last guests left Johannes' flat around 3am...

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