Visiting Associate Professor

Computer Science and Engineering Department

Carlos III University of Madrid

Av. de la Universidad 30

28911 Leganes, Madrid, Spain


I am a Visiting Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department of Carlos III University of Madrid (Spain), where I am also a member of the Knowledge Reuse research group. I received a BEng degree in Computer Science (2006), a MSc degree in Software Engineering, Formal Methods and Information Systems (2008), and a PhD degree in Computer Science (2011) from the Technical University of Valencia (Spain). I worked at the Research Centre on Software Production Methods of this university (PROS) before joining the Software Engineering Department of Simula Research Laboratory (Norway) in 2011 as a Postdoctoral Fellow. During my PhD, I was a visiting researcher (research stays) at Lund University (Sweden) and the University of Trento (Italy).

Within the overall area of Systems and Software Engineering, my main research interests include Requirements Engineering, System Assurance, Model-Driven Engineering, and Empirical Software Engineering.


Last update: January 10, 2019